How To Make A Girl Feel Great

I'm smiling from ear to ear this morning.

Why, you ask?

My sweet friend Emily (who shares lots of crazy BYU roommate memories with me...ahhh FLSR, how we loved you!) has flattered me with a blog award! I can't think of a better way to start the day, thanks for making me feel great, Em!

Emily is an accomplished writer who has been sharing with the world her thoughts as she journeys through the experience of life & motherhood on her blog: Memoirs of Motherhood. Check her out--you'll love her style & insights!

Here’s the deal with the blog of substance award – when you are chosen, you should: 1) thank the blogger who sent it to you, 2) sum up your blogging philosophy in about 10 words, and then 3) honor ten other bloggers you think have real substance.

So why do I blog?
I started this blog as a personal outlet to share my thoughts, discoveries, and document elements of my life as a woman, mother, wife, and friend. It has morphed into so much more than that, as I have dedicated Thursdays to Thanks and found new ways to find balance through gratitude.

8 blogs of substance on my radar...
in no particular order, and because I only have time for 6 this morning

1. Birth Faith has become a favorite blog as I am preparing for a natural birth. Birth junkies, if you haven't checked her out--do it!

2. Bekah writes on her family blog about motherhood, teaching her children, and saving $--she is one of those Super Mamas and I am always learning from her! I met her a few years ago through our work with the children at our Church.

3. I know she's probably on several people's 'bloggers of substance' list, I just can't help adding her to mine--Stephanie Nielsen who shares her daily challenges and loves as she and her family re-build their lives following a tragic plane crash. I've been following her blog since the crash & am consistently humbled by her attitude and inspired by her passion for life.

4. I have been blog stalking Sonja ever since I found her blog through a mutual friend, I have confessed my stalking in person, though--so that makes it better, right? She's got a fun writing style and a great way of sharing her creative spin on life and motherhood--The Wonder Years

5. My cousin's wife, Molly, works hard to help others who are grieving through her site, A Good Grief. She is a beacon of hope and relief for many as she daily walks through her own grieving challenges after losing her precious daughter two years ago.

6. Shannon is a witty blogger whose posts always intrigue me. I know her only through another friend and also my husband knew her "back in the day"...she's got a 'lets sit down and talk about it' kind of blogging style on her Seagull Fountain.

7. For days when I need a crafting fix, Skip to My Lou is my first stop. On Mondays, especially people can post to her blog & there are so many great ideas! I find myself marking them & saving them for future crafting projects...just SO MANY great ideas & tips!

8. When I am aching for a new recipe to try or just some inspiration for dinner, I first check out A Telestial Kitchen which is a collection of recipes managed by my sis-in-law, Jen, and her friends. (Jen used to have a blog that would be on this list as well--she has a fantastic, witty, intelligent way of sharing her thoughts!--but alas, the blog is no more)

Sorry I only have 8 to offer this morning! Go ahead & check those out if you have a minute and thanks for stopping by my Sugarplum Site!

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Miles said...

i am shocked! i do not even compare to the other 7 blogs and feel so insignificant to be listed with them! however, this is my first blog award and i'm excited for it! thank you!! this is such a nice surprise!