Thankful Thursday: August 26, 2010

Good Morning, fellow Thankful Travellers

I apologize for the absence last week...I believe I have a good excuse...although I have to say my heart as been overflowing with Thanks all along the way!

I've traded in my protruding belly for an almost-10 lb ball of sugar-coated goodness, and my swollen feet have been switched out for baby fluids on my clothes (right now I'm sporting a nice splattering of spit up on my shirt). My nights are busy and my days are all scrambled, but I have to say I am soaking in this newborn stage with much more confidence & calm in my heart than with Toddler J, which I am grateful for!

That's what life experience offers us, I suppose...blessed opportunities for growth and reference points that make the journey even better than before!

So, without further ado, here's my Thursday Thankfuls:

I'm thankful for...

One hot husband
- who was willing to sleep on a cushion-less bed for 2 nights in a row after a full night of no sleep--just to be by my side at the hospital
- who offered silent prayers and tears as he stayed with Baby N for his first four hours of life and we weren't sure if he would be able to stay at the hospital or be transferred to another one
- who gets up for night feedings to change diapers and fetch whatever I request
- who runs up & down the stairs at my beckoning call and doesn't seem to tire of serving me as I recover from my c-section
- who entertains, loves, bathes, changes, and teaches our eldest boy...when so many things I cannot do physically do with him at this point
- who loves our boys (our boys!) and treats me like a princess mama

Two awesome parents
- who altered their plans here and there to be available for us both pre- and post- partum
- who offered encouragement and hope while we waited for baby's debut
- who (ok it was just Mom for this one) gave her all to our Toddler J for 4 full days of jam-packed action while we were at the hospital, and did it with a smile!
- who have given us such great examples of how to offer our children the best of ourselves
- whose prayers reach up and pull down blessings from heaven for their children and grandchildren, which blessings I feel daily

Three days in the hospital
- where Baby N was monitored and well-taken care of by nursing staff
- where I was taken care of by an excellent group of nurses, doctors, and midwives
- where for the first 24 hours our doula was by my side offering anything I needed--massages, counter pressure, advice, hugs, affirmation, music, any.THING
- where I first met my second son and cuddled his newborn skin
- where my motherhood status officially changed from "J's Mom" to "Mom of two boys"

Two caring in-laws
- who drove up to switch places with my parents this week
- who brought with them stacks of gifts, food, and love
- who are available to help me with any task I request while Mr. H is away on business
- who love my sons with all of their hearts
- who sing to, play with, feed, and endlessly entertain Toddler J
- who love their role as grandparents and fill it completely

One sweet peanut
- who is a fairly good sleeper (except for last night. but whose keeping track?)
- who eats like a champ (and I am surviving thanks to you, Newman's Nipple Cream)
- whose eyes I get lost in every day
- who reminds me of the magical moments in motherhood
- who charms us all, reminding us of the miracle of life and the amazing journey we are all walking in this life

Any Thankful Thoughts on your Journey Today??

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Emily said...

Love that you are feeling the magic right now. Keep up the good work, momma!