Toddler Tales: Baby In The House

Toddler J has had a rude awakening.

12 days ago his baby brother was born...and he was blissfully unaware--spending his mornings, afternoons, and evenings playing & laughing with Grandmama J.

10 days ago baby brother made his appearance in our home--waking up from a nap never seemed so strange as that evening when he heard shrill baby cries downstairs!

Since then, we've given J lots of opportunities to touch, cuddle, talk to, and connect with Baby N. Most of the opportunities have been ignored or denied.

"Do you want to see Baby N?"

"Would you like to come sit by Baby N?"

The one thing that did work...about 4 days in...

"Hey, J--come look! Check out the boon doon in Baby N's nose!"
--"Boon doon?" (and he runs right over to check it out. 'boondoons' are boogers)

And this morning, as I was in and out of the room, J climbed up on my bed where Baby N was enjoying a post-breakfast rest. I came back in the room in time to hear J say (in his sweet toddler voice) :

"Hi, Beebee."

And he placed his chubby fingers on Baby N's head and said "head." then on his hands and said "hans". And looked over at me and smiled.

Within seconds it was

"Buh-bye, Beebee"

And he was off to his next adventure.

It was less than a minute, but it was Toddler J connecting with Baby N for the first time on HIS terms. Making the move in HIS way and on HIS timetable. It was beautiful for this Mama to witness.

I am so grateful for my two 'beebees' and the joy that they pour into my heart. I am excited to watch Toddler J take on his role as big brother and for Baby N to watch and learn from the energy that J adds to our home.


Linda said...

So Sweet!

Kendra said...

That is so sweet. I'm glad you were able to witness that moment. Hopefully there will be many more to come. :)

Miles said...

So glad he's adjusting well! What a sweet, tender moment!