Dangle A Piece of Chocolate In Front Of Me

...and I might just follow you anywhere.


I just signed up for the HOT CHOCOLATE 15/5K RACE in Chicago for next month.

No, no, no--I am NOT running the 15k race, I am doing the 5k race. Monday will be my 6 week post-partum mark, I figure this is a great way to motivate myself to GET MOVING. Even if I don't run the entire course, I think it will be lots of fun to experience the energy of a big race like this.

My name is Shara and I've never done a 5k, but the chocolate is calling my name.
And the hoodie. It will be mine.

Wanna run?


Miles said...

I know I'm being obnoxious by commenting over and over, but I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS RACE! And, the hoodie! And, the chocolate! And, seeing you! This is a huge race and I can't wait to be in that kind of environment.. adrenaline rush, please!

Stephanie said...

That is a sweet looking hoodie! What a fun race! One more health benefit associated with chocolate - motivation to move!

It's Me - Jen E! said...

I wished I lived closer...I soooo would do that with you! Have lots of fun!!!!

Kristyn said...

How fun! If I lived close by I would be right next to you in the line up running along. And btw, if you've never done a 5K, it's the perfect length - you'll love it!