Thankful Thursday: September 30, 2010

Good morning to you from atop the lofty mount o' laundry.
I am staring it down, hoping I have sufficient faith to move the thing.

It's in my loft, that's why it's so lofty, plus it's tall. High elevation, tall.
And I'm pretty sure faith without works is dead*,
so I guess I better get to work sorting, folding, and putting away.

Unless you want to come over and do it?

Hm. I didn't think so. Perhaps you have your own mount in your loft?

If you do, let me tell you what I've learned:
It ain't movin' 'till you do.

Similarly, it is too easy to let our daily frustrations, worries, and stresses pile up.
Up, up, and up until they are towering mountains.
Mountains of emotional laundry--clean or dirty--these mountains don't move until we do.
Wanna know a great way to get these mountains out of our individual lofts?

Recognize blessings and give thanks!

I'm ready, are you?

I'm thankful:

-for Mr. H who washes dishes at 5am before he leaves for a 3 hour drive for work

-for the two bus drivers who smiled & waved at us on our walk today--and made J's day!

-for the quite suprisingly easy transition that J has made from pacifier sleep to pacifier-free naps & bedtime (see below post "Toddler Tales")--and he still takes awesome naps & sleeps all night!

-for the nice lady at the check out line who complimented me on a "good job" for my first solo grocery shopping trip with both boys in tow

-for size 1 diapers that seem to hold more newborn poo, thus eliminating *some* of the poopie messes during my day (yes, that should have been pretty obvious...)

-for my new friend who didn't laugh her head of (or run as fast as she could) when I asked if she had cancer in her medical history after noticing her daily "cancer horiscope" on her facebook page--um. hello?

-for Baby N's soft-as-silk skin and his ever-curious eyes that remind me to slllooow down and enjoy the minutes we have together

-for the uplifting messages shared during the annual Relief Society broadcast (special women's meeting for our church)

-for the relaxed & affirming visit I had with my midwife at my 6 week post-partum appointment on Monday (and I quote: "you are not a wimp, you are a warrior!")

-for the Word of God--we have renewed our family focus on scripture reading this week and it has been wonderful. Toddler J is ready to learn and soak up the truths, we have to be ready to help him learn what they are. I am confident, as I have learned by experience, holy scriptures are keys to unlock answers that offer peace and happiness--even when them mountains seem unmovable.

Alright, fellow mountaineers...what are you thankful for this morning?

*James 2:20


Chavonne and her people said...

Shara, Thank you soooo much for your posts!!! They are such a "spirit lifter" to me and help remind me of what I need to be thankful for. You have inspired me to start a thankful list every week. I am not as clever as you or as inspired so I just write it in my journal.

Linda said...

What a great post! You know I would love to come help you fold laundry. I would!