Thankful Thursday: September 23, 2010

I have to say, I've been impressed with the sneaky speed of these September days. While I still can't believe my baby is 5 weeks old, it seems like it's been a year since we left our Wisconsin home (it's only been 3 months!). That's what a super busy 3 months will do for ya.

I just fed my deliciously adorable Peanut and he is now curled up beside me in happy slumber. I am not an early morning person, but waking up for the early morning feedings isn't so bad when you have such a cute little thing to cuddle with! (I can say that with confidence and a smile now that I am fully awake. Don't ask me when I first step out of bed)

With a newborn in the house--consistent nutrition is a top priority.
I mean really, the little guy eats a million times a day, right? Or...that's how it feels.

As Toddler J puts it: "Beebee. Crying. Milk."

Translation: "Mom--the baby is crying again.
Please feed him that milk to make him happy, healthy, & strong."

So what about the feeding for our hearts...
would Toddler J say something like: "Heart. Crying. Thanks."

Translation: "Our souls need to recognize & give thanks to be happy, healthy, & strong."

I have learned that it is very difficult to be truly happy without taking time to recognize and feed our hearts with platters of Thankful energy.

So, let's set the table and serve ourselves some Thankful Thoughts today!

I'm thankful for:

  • the package of Oreo cookies that have been my go-to snack this week (emotional eating much?)
  • the Friday night cleaning frenzy that we had last week--waking up to a clean house on Saturday is bliss
  • oxyclean. I have a bucket of oxyclean + water ready at all times, and another on standby. I'm constantly throwing newborn-poo-stained clothes & blankets in there
  • my boppy pillow--I can relax and enjoy nursing so much more with that thing resting around my middle
  • Mr. H--who has taken Toddler J to church all by himself for the last 4 weeks, taken over morning breakfast duties (on days when he is in the 'home office'), and flattered me with compliments on my latest hair cut (long layers & short bangs again)
  • the mailman who takes the time to chat with Toddler J when we go to meet him at the mailbox (and totally makes J's day!)
  • the new friends here who offer to help out, invite me to social events, and send me messages on facebook
  • Toddler J, whose excitement for life reminds me to slow down & enjoy it! (you should hear his high pitched expressions of glee for things such as: the garbage truck, an airplane overhead, the sound of the train, ice in his water, and Daddy coming home)
  • our quiet neighborhood--I think during the day we make the loudest noises on the street!
  • Elmo. When I need a break (or to take a shower), his power to mesmerize my son is just awesome.
  • my blow dryer. To mesmerize/calm my littlest son--also during those most break-needing moments
  • Baby N, whose sweet piglet grunts and new 'social smiles' can brighten even the cloudiest day (and who is sleeping great at nights, for which I offer daily thanks)
  • cold milk--for my morning bowl of frosted mini wheats & to accompany my above-mentioned stress-relieving snack. YUM.

What snacks of thanks are you nibbling on today?


Miles said...

Oh, yes! We, too, are VERY thankful for the boppy, Elmo, and ice in C's water. He got hooked on ice when I was so miserably hot and pregnant with E. He saw me constantly chewing on it and still loves it now.

I'm amazed at how well you're balancing your new life as mom of 2. I was such a wreck and I remember all too well how hard it was. 2 has been harder, WAY HARDER, than having 3 or 4.

I want to see your new haircut :)

JosephJ said...

Hey, we've been having frosted mini wheats this week also! Well, Jen and I at least, while Ian has been having his 'os. I am thankful that you told us about the power of oxyclean, and that Mr. H has been taking J to church also.

On our front, I am thankful that I remembered about the extra duplos in the basement to give Jen a bit more solace during the days, for the crisp days that have been leaving me feeling refreshed, and for a coworker who pitched in yesterday to lighten my load.

Beyond that, I'm grateful for a wife who tirelessly (tirefully?) serves my two boys and who shares her talents to benefit others. I'm grateful to see the Holy Spirit giving me thoughts, words, and ideas that are beyond what I would have thought of on my own.