Toddler Tales: Vocab Explosion

Before my short-term memory takes these away from me, I figured I better get them down.

New words are popping up everywhere!
Just a few from TODAY:

Some are funny, like:

"Coooot" (Cute. But he means "Cool")

Me: Look J! Can you see the lightning outside your window?
Him: Oh! Coooot

Some are quite affirming, like:

"Nice kick!"

Me: Kicking the ball out of my way as I try to empty the dishwasher
Him: "Nice kick, Mama!"

Some are easy to change:

"Dah-dthem" became "Nayyyyy-dthem" just this morning!

(baby brother's name: Nathan)

Some are making us examine what we say:

"Oh! Gosh!"

Garbage truck drives by.
In excitement he exclaims: "Oh! Garbage Kuck! Cooot! Oh Gosh!"

Some impress us with how much he listens:

"Mustern Poop" (Mustard Poop)

Me (talking to my Mom): "No, N's poo is the color of mustard"
Him (the next time I change baby N's diaper): "Mustern Poop!"

Tune in next time for Toddler Tales--Vocab Explosion!

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Anonymous said...

We're going through the same stage with C. The newborn stage is my FAV. with this one close behind. YOU have the BEST of BOTH worlds!