Toddler Tales: Family Rules

In our home, we have a few rules that we (the parents) try to consistently follow
as we go throughout our day.

For example:

-we do NOT throw items down the stairs (ok, we sometimes do...when J isn't looking... because it's a fast way of getting things down, but for the kids, definitely NOT ok)

-we always take off our shoes when we come into the house

-we do not jump on the bed when the baby is on the bed (a new one)

-we clean up our messes

-we use our 'inside voice' when we are inside

You get the picture. Pretty standard, you probably have some of these rules at your house too.

The other day, we were in the kitchen. Toddler J was finishing his lunch and Baby N was in his carrier--doing one of the things he does best--crying.

J looked over at N and said:



"Hey baby--you are crying. That means you have to go to your room, upstairs, and now. As your big brother, I feel responsible for making sure you know the family rules and you need to follow them too."

One of our rules is: if you are crying (or fussing, or otherwise throwing some kind of toddler tantrum)--then you are invited to do so in your room. Most of the time, this suggestion is enough to stop the outburst, and Toddler J insists "na done. na done." (I'm done. I'm done.) Otherwise, he is escorted upstairs to his room to calm down. Once he is "done", then he is welcome to join us again downstairs (or wherever we may be).

I was amused that Todder J was taking it upon himself to make sure Baby N knew the family rule and was suggesting that it be enforced as well.

I tried to explain that the rules don't apply to the "beebee"...not sure how that balances out in a toddler's mind...

At least he has a solid grip on what the rules are, right?


Kendra said...

That's really cute. What a good big brother. Although um sure in time N will be done being told what to do by J. :) and on a side note, do you and Trevor jump on the bed when N isn't on the bed? ;)

Anonymous said...

this is great.. sounds like you've been reading glenn latham's positive parenting book. J's not only cute but soooo smart, too!