Thankful Thursday; September 9, 2010

Even with very little consecutive hours of sleep...
bags under the eyes, crazy hair & a fuzzy brain
One can have a basket full of thanks.

Of this I am sure.

And to prove it, I am typing this post at 7:56am.

*sleepy grin*

I am thankful this morning for:

-a 2 year old who wakes up COMPLETELY happy (and otherwise unconvinced that he is waking up earlier than usual)

-a husband who gets up even earlier than the 2 year old to hop into his car and travel to another state to do his job

-a baby who is reminding me about the patience and love that is an integral part of parenthood (and who mostly melts me with smiles & cuddles)

-friends who tell me how it really is, friends who share with me thoughtful compliments, & friends who call just because

-70 degree temperatures, open windows, and clean sheets

-our super cozy recliner...where I spend most naptimes these days...

-the nearby train, neighborhood lawncare crew, & overhead airplanes that provide toddler J with endless entertainment

-family night that reminds me what MATTERS the tip-top mostest of all

-dripping, chocolatey-delicious surprises from Maggiano's

-short toddler arms=18 mo. jackets STILL FIT

-a husband who doesn't care (or keeps his mouth shut) if I am in the same outfit (pajamas) when he comes home as when he left that morning...

-sweet moments watching my children experience their first curious brother interactions

What's in your thankful bucket this week?

1 comment:

Kendra said...

I love the pajamas one...cause that's sure something I'm grateful for too! I'm 100% scrub these days. :)