Thankful Thursday: October 21, 2010

The sun isn't up
but I am
and maybe you are too?

I am learning that my morning hours can be high efficiency hours...
...if I choose to utilize them as such.
And usually I don't. I'm sure that I should.

The toddler is sprawled out--flying through his dreams (because I'm sure he does, just like he flies through his days). The infant (because I can't call him a 'newborn' anymore, now, can I?) is curled up in cozy blanket slumber. Mr. H is working to a glowing desk lamp, his pajamas contrasting the serious business look on his face (pajamas or not, don't be fooled--he was up & in the shower at 5:45am).

Anyone who has ever known me, and especially anyone who has ever lived with me* knows quite well that I am not a morning person. I'm the anti-morning person. The anti-up-and-at-'em person. The alarm-snoozer. Oh yes, that's me.

So with squinty eyes and a scratchy voice--
I am thinking of blessings that overwhelm me, even in the early hours of the day.
Especially in the early hours of the day.
The energy from yesterday has settled in a the whirling busy-ness of today has not yet begun.
A perfect time for thankful meditation...

I am thankful for people who don't complain,
even when it seems they have every reason to do so.

I am thankful for the Perfect Plan that God has given us--
promises of returning to him and forever families.

I am thankful for friends --friends with whom I can: go to the zoo, talk aperture, cut squares of cellophane wrapper, eat brownies, laugh, compare life notes.

I am thankful for new ideas, feelings, and thoughts that stretch me as a person
and remind me that it is good to change and expand who I am.

I am thankful for my white board. I would be lost with out the space to take notes when I'm on the phone, keep up with my weekly tasks, or scribble reminders and love notes. Seriously.
The only thing that would make the thing any better is if it was also magnetic.

I am thankful for the opportunities to serve others. I am learning more about how to love through these kinds of opportunities.

I am thankful for the sunrise.
It's here.
I better go enjoy it.

What are you thankful for this morning?

*Piper, Chrystie, Sayra, Brittney, Lindsey, Sarah, Crystal, Emily, Kendra, Debbie, Courtney, Lauren, whats-her-name, whats-her-name, Emily, Cecilia, R'el, Nicole, Ann, Perla, Meredith, Jenni, Beth, Crystal, Peggy, Lacy, Krystal, Telma, Jolie, Stephanie, Jackie, Sandra, McKenzie, Shelley, Katie, Laura, Rozalyn (all 37 roommates, including 8 mission comps)


JosephJ said...

Yo! I've lived with you too, and can attest to your non-morning-ness.

Truth be told, I also have a tough time with mornings, and my snooze button is programmed into my tactile memory. I often turn the alarm off without being much aware of it, much to Jen's chagrin.

Right now, I am thankful for reds, yellows, and oranges fluttering from the treetops.

I am thankful for cheeky smiles and wiggly boys. I am thankful for washing machines. I am thankful for cars with heaters.

Linda said...

yeah , I lived with you too! And I am also not a morning person. I don't think a single one of us is. Dad does get up and going but doesn't like to talk. If I wake, I chatter to him. I try not to. It is 4 am and I need to get back in bed.
Because tomorrow I need to accomplish. My sis is coming, who lived with me, and knows...I am not a morning person! I am thankful she is coming!