Thankful Thursday: October 14, 2010

Once again, I'm stretched out in my recliner
sippin' on the dark evening chocolate
the day is almost over and I remember that I forgot.
Forgot my Thursday morning bloggity blog ritual

This mother-of-two gig makes the weeks fly even faster than before...
or are they flying faster for you too?
Perhaps it is the golden rhythms of the falling leaves
or the fact that it's dark by 7pm that suggests a speeding of days...

All I know is, moments melt in my hands. It just keeps on keepin' on. Week by week, month by month, year by year. Saturday will be Baby N's 2 month mark, if you can believe it. I am trying to devour every sweet second of the baby stage. I am not the naive first-time mother that I was with J, I know now how quickly these baby gurgles morph into toddler laughs.

Likewise, I know how quickly our daily load can morph into daily drudgery if we aren't watching & ready to devour the melting moments. We serve ourselves best when we recognize the golden blessings that are falling around our busy feet.

I've got a basketful of Golden Delicious Blessings, for which I am abundantly Thankful...


-for warm sunshine on crisp fall afternoons

-for grocery shopping done by Mr. H (taking both boys at this stage of the game is just exhausting!)

-for unseen angels who I can almost FEEL lifting me up when I am at the verge of mother-tired tears

-for new friends inviting us into their home for pot roast dinner

-for Mr. H's love and admiration--he really does make me feel like a princess

-for the new little friends that have added so much joy to Toddler J's world

-being able to pick up my Toddler J again, his cuddles in my arms are priceless

-for Baby N who sleeps nice solid chunks of time, & now smiles when he hears my voice

-for Church responsibilities that make me feel more connected & a part of the group as a whole

-for family dinners (Monday we grilled tilapia for the first time ever, 'twas a hit!)

-for family prayers (I cannot tell you how sweet it is to hear J's prayers and see him fold his arms)

-for family cuddles on the couch (yay for cooler weather & cozy blankets!)

-for my feet that walked me around and around and around the ZOO today

-for my God who gives me all that I can hold and more

What Golden Delicious Blessings have you enjoyed this week?

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Linda said...

I needed to read this thankful blogpost! Thank YOU! ( I was sort of grumbling right before I clicked on your head! )