Thankful Thursday: October 7, 2010

The sun is setting in my little corner of the valley
the cool air wafts into our home, lazily

Three windows stand open to welcome the evening sounds--
crickets & cars humming, busily

Mr. H is leaned over--intent on the project on his desk
tickling his keyboard, ticklickily*

My babies are standing guard on opposite sides of the house
the last few minutes of a late afternoon nap, groggily

I am reflecting on my day--what was marked off my list and what will be added to tomorrow's
and I remember: It's THURSDAY! So here I am, thankfully

'Tis Thankful Thursday all day long
and there's no better time to give thanks than now.

I'm thankful for:

-Last weekend's spiritual uplift: General Conference (a bi-annual conference where millions of Mormons all over the world tune in to watch and hear council & advice from a modern-day prophet and other leaders of our Church)

-Our Friday Family Fun night at a local park

-The fact that there are SO MANY awesome parks on our side of suburbia

-My new friend/yoga instructor who taught me some new stretches to relax my mommy shoulders

-Mint chocolate chip ice cream that I may or may not be using to prepare for the Chicago 5K

-Cobwebs in the corners... decorating for Halloween is sooo much easier.

-Mr. H, who is always willing to change diaper(s) in the middle of the night

-The ease with which one can make friends at a park by simply having an attention-grabbing toddler

-Social networks to keep in touch with old friends. This week I reconnected with amigos queridos from Portugal. (insert happy dance)

-Speaking of Portugal...I am thankful for this announcement!

-Ample supply of nourishment for my 7-week old Baby N (I know I cannot take this for granted, and I am so grateful!)

-Toddler J's expanding vocabulary. New this week: "Awesome", "Shup-up", "Sheh-wa", " I luh you Mickah-Moush". (Translation: Awesome, Shut-up**, Shara, I love you Mickey Mouse)

-Mr. H, who dutifully and obediently typed half this post while I feed Baby N in my cozy recliner

Its dark outside now...what are you thankful for?

*I made this word up, but I like it. Try saying it a few times, and I think you'll like it too. Tick-lick-ily. Enjoy! :)

**"Shut-up!" is one of my classic responses to something surprising/crazy/annoying...I am now officially looking for a replacement. Any suggestions?


Emily said...

I remember the "face" you make when you say it, too! You know, the open-mouth one? Hee hee. J will pick up on that next! Love you so much, Sharita. I've loved reading your blog and keeping in touch.

JosephJ said...

I am thankful to hear Ian's prayers when he asks blessings upon various family members. I'm grateful to have been able to go on a road trip with my family last weekend for 5 days/4 nights. I am thankful for my lovely wife getting excited over various preschool lessons for my boy. I am thankful that when I wake up to see a smiling baby ready to be cuddled. I am thankful for my frugal, creative, thoughtful wife.

JosephJ said...

Maybe you can use some new nonsense phrase so you can retain your sense of shock. You know like, "Bangorang, Peter" or "Flippity Gibbit!"