Thankful Thursday: November 18, 2010

Out Of Office Notice:

I'm on a delightful away-from-home trip,
So Thankful Thursday is super thankful but super short.

I'm sitting here on a comfy couch, baby to my right and box of kleenex to my left.

That pretty much sums it up.

I'm thankful for dear friends

-Side Note: If you want to receive compliments on your figure, hang out with friends who haven't seen you since you were 8 months pregnant.

I'm thankful for safe travels

-Side Note: On the trip back I'm driving. Wayyy easier than the busy job of passenger seat parent.

I'm thankful for oxyclean

-Side Note: I take some on every trip we go on, you just never know when you'll need to soak some poo stained outfit

I'm thankful for water, OJ, lemons, and tylenol cold & flu

-Side Note: orange juice after brushing teeth with minty toothpaste is NEVER going to make you feel better

I'm thankful for my boys, who make me smile no matter what

-Side Note: staying with a friend with two girls, I realize how easy it is to get boys ready in the morning

Ok. Got to get back to it.
Blowing my nose & playing.

And over again.


Thankful Y'all.
Hope you can feel it--and hope you're not as snotty as I am today!


Miles said...

Feel better soon, Shara! Safe travels home!

JosephJ said...

I'm still thankful that you taught me about the magic of oxyclean. I regularly add a scoop to my "Kid loads" of laundry, just for good measure.

I am thankful that my cold never went into uncontrolled puffy eyes and drippy nose, but stayed in the "man voice" and "phlegm" stages.

I am thankful that my lovey takes care of most of the purchases for our family, as I'm not always keen on shopping.

I am thankful that when the sun comes up in the morning, it burns off the frost from the windshield.