Thankful Thursday: November 11, 2010

Now that we have crossed over into new territory...
being the 101st post and all
...I'd like to propose a special Thankful Thursday activity.

Since you're probably already sitting down...
sitting in front of your desktop, laptop, or some kind of newfangled handheld device
...make sure there's no food in the oven or a child in the tub--
take a minute to close your eyes.

Do it.

Close those tired, busy, screen-glare worn eyes.
Close your eyes and take a deep breath in...deep breath out...
and visualize your thankful thoughts.

Did you do it?

Do I need to ask you twice??

If you don't want to do it NOW, I understand--your busy with your Thursday Things.
However, I highly suggest a minute of thankful meditation sometime today.
Just you, your closed eyes, and your thankful thoughts.
No distractions, no lists, no beeps, no doorbells: just focus.

I just did it, and it was WONDERFUL.

You know what I saw as I was visualizing thanks?

  • a family walk on one of the last warm nights of the season
  • snoopy socks on my feet
  • our home filled with framed moments and reminders
  • my toddler dancing to the fast beat of the latest Dancing With The Stars episode
  • my honey shaking his hips to the sound of his jazzy ringtone
  • the guest bed empty and free of it's laundry burden
  • friends who have been letting me practice on them & their families as I learn my camera settings
  • my smile when we are sitting together at Church on Sunday mornings
  • J's smile when he sees Daddy on any given morning
  • the bottle of bbq sauce--a gift from a friend (and creator of said bbq sauce)
  • my fabulous brown "will run for chocolate" hoodie (though I didn't run for it, Trevor did battle Chicago traffic, rain, wind, and lines to get it for me last week)
  • shared hugs, forgiving glances, and flirty banter
  • cleaning supplies that clean everything from paint on the carpet, chocolate on the floor, spit up on my shirt, and baby poo on the blankets (all within the last 24 hours)
  • purple, green, silver, and yellow mini ornament balls--all tucked sparkingly in a vaseT
  • soft baby feet kicking the air
  • busy toddler feet running in circles
  • tired mama feet...tired, but oh-so-grateful for every day I get to walk in these shoes
I saw much more than that, but like you--I must move on to my very own Thursday Things.

Hope you enjoyed this little Visualization of Thanks as much as I did.
Now it's your turn to take a minute...close your eyes...what do you see?


Kristyn said...

What do I see?? Hmmm...plenty of thankful thoughts from Shara. :) Love it.

Thanks for being so positive all the time!

jennie b said...

Well, I'm still laying in bed on this Thursday morning, reading your blog on my newfangled device, so closing my eyes might not be a good idea. :) But I can tell you that for one, I'm thankful to still be laying in bed. My day will call soon enough, but for now it's still quiet.

I'm thankful to get to see my little man again today, after he's been visiting with his grandparents for a few days while I worked. There's a whole host of thankfuls bundled in there.

And I'm thankful that today is Felting Day. I've looked forward to getting together with friends to try making some felted things all week with a level of excitement normally reserved for 3 year olds. It's like Christmas Day, only woolier! It may be one afternoon of crafting with friends, but it's a glowing bright spot in my week and I'm thankful for it.

And I'm thankful for Shara with her wonderful stories and insights. As always. :)

Kendra said...

I did it. And quite enjoyed it. I saw lots of thankful things, including thanks for the small (but still there) supply of milk I have to nurse my baby as I write. And I'm thankful for good you. Miss you and love you so much!