Toddler Tales: Just Today

Oh my.
If only you could see into my world on days like today (and ignore the piles of laundry, the pile of messy hair on my head, and the piles of To Do lists in my hand), I think you would enjoy some good belly laughs, and sweet "awwwww" moments.

  • I turn around from washing dishes and notice a neat row of animal crackers on Baby N's belly. He is looking at them but clearly can't maneuver his hands to them, nor could he eat them. Toddler J is standing nearby, so proud of his offering. I praised him for sharing (this was actually a pretty big deal since animal crackers are one of his favorites) and explained that babies cannot eat animal crackers.
  • I was working on editing some photos and J comes running around the corner--he looks up at me and says with enthusiasm: "Guess What!!" I had never heard him say this before, so I laughed a little and then said "what?" He looked as excited as the first time and replied: "Guess What!!" I laughed even more and said "what is it?" He kept his same eyebrow raised expression and inquisitive voice and said again: "Guess What!!" I am pretty sure he doesn't know what that means. I went for my camera to take a video, but by the time I was ready to capture it, he had disappeared into his play house.
  • While Baby N was hanging out on the couch (propped up with the boppy pillow), Big Brother J went over to give him a kiss. It was so sweet and tender--I kept watching to see what he'd do next. J took N's hands in his own and started laughing. J's laugh made N smile. Then N's smile made J laugh. This circle of brotherly fun went on for several minutes, every once and awhile J would turn around and look at me and say "beebee mile!" (Baby is smiling!). I did capture some video of this interaction, and imagined the friendship my boys will build along their lives. This is the very beginning...precious!
  • I called to chat with my Mom but she wasn't home so I enjoyed talking with my youngest brother, Spencer (who we saw this weekend while we were in Kentucky). I asked J if he wanted to talk to Uncle Spencer, to which he enthusiastically nodded. I gave him the phone--he talked about random things and when he was done he said (unprompted--which is a FIRST) : "I luh you Pentchern" (I love you, Spencer)
I wish I could just bottle up the things he does and says...
I guess writing them down in "Toddler Tales" is as close as I can get to
bottled toddler cuteness.


Kendra said...

Adorable! I love these stories. :) I'm glad that he is bonding more with Nathanael. They'll have so much fun together. And I love the "guess what" story. So funny!

Linda said...

yes, I wish we could bottle it too, and bring it down off the shelf at will and hear the sounds and see the sights of all the ages and stages of childhood! I know we have photos and videos and am grateful for that!