Thankful Thursday: December 2, 2010

We have the loudest clock in the house
hanging on our bedroom wall
right across from my sleeping spot

It's not fancy,
just a black & white clock
that tells me what time it is
and what time it isn't.

The Ticks & the Tocks
take turns in echoing rhythm
never missing a beat

I sometimes wonder How would that be?
To never miss a beat?

To be on time for everything,
dressed & ready to go before breakfast,
a crisp mind & a quick wit tucked inside a perfectly round bun
and purple folded tabs marking efficiently completed to-do lists
stacked beside an always shining sink.

Or something like that.

I definitely don't know how that would be
but I do know that the Tick Tockery keeps going
whether my to do lists are finished
or my sink is shining

No matter how off-beat I may feel,
the best time of the day
is when I am echoing Thankful thoughts,
and everything else falls into its rightful rhythm

Tick Tock...

I'm thankful for:

  • the garden tub in our master bathroom--an upgrade our landlord is very proud of--and so he should be, I have enjoyed more baths in that thing than ever before in my adult life!
  • Andes mints--I'm into minty treats these days
  • our lazy Saturday & busy Sunday, both of which included quality time as a family
  • Trevor's new work-provided cell phone that I get to play with when he's not using it
  • our Christmas tree--simply decorated, beautifully glowing, I keep the lights on almost all day long!
  • our 2 car garage--now that the reality of winter is upon us (*ahem* wind chill temps in the teens), I am even more grateful for this spot
  • the opportunity to speak in Church on Sunday, and yes, I incorporated GRATITUDE into the topic...doesn't it apply to pretty much every principle of the gospel?
  • genuine friends who give up sleep to keep me from floundering
  • new tools to explore and enhance my photog fun
  • my family November birthdays--my bro Ben, my Mom, my Dad--I'm thankful for each of you & the amazing ways that you make the world (mine, in particular) a better place...and I'm sorry that I just sent your gifts today
  • my brother Joseph's full month of daily blogging (NoBloPoMo), 'twas fantastic!
  • my red slippers--I kept the thermostat on 62/63 all weekend!
  • naked Baby N--seriously, the cutest chub in the WORLD
  • dressed Toddler J--I love my boy in blue jeans and button up shirts
  • crafty Mr. H--we finished some projects last night that I started...oh...2 months ago...
  • this month of December (see next post for link to my letter addressed to the 12th month), that offers us a renewal of Spirit and faith as we celebrate the Savior of the World
  • that Babe of babes, swaddled in the manger--the best gift of all
I am thankful.

Time's a-tickin'...what are you thankful for today?

1 comment:

It's Me - Jen E! said...

Today in particular, I am thankful for Puffs Plus!

But I am also thankful for your posts which brighten up my weary eyes. and for almost being done with Christmas and birthday shopping.