F is for Friend

This week has been fantastically full of FRIENDs...

On Monday I took photos of a 3 month old & became better FRIENDS with her Mama, and received a long awaited phone call from a dear FRIEND who is coping with a heartbreaking loss.

On Tuesday I met up with another FRIEND (+kids) who I haven't hung out with in many moons, and during the evening partnered up with my FRIEND to visit two other FRIENDS before the days of the month ran out of options.

On Wednesday I enjoyed some downtime (& photo taking) with a FRIEND (+kids) who is getting to know her new Nikon camera, and that evening contacted a FRIEND whose husband was able to come over with a car battery charger.

On Thursday I received further car assistance (via my FRIEND's husband), got to hang out with that same FRIEND (+kids) for the afternoon, and finished the evening finding a long lost FRIEND from Portugal who recently moved to Angola (where she is actively making new FRIENDS).

...which is exactly what I needed!

Thank you for being my friend.

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