Thankful Thursday: January 27, 2011

Can I just say how much I absolutely love cereal in the mornings?
Honestly, it is one of my favorite things: waking up, pouring a big bowl of cereal, mixing in some cold milk and crunching it down as I sort through my morning musings.

I just polished off a juicy bowl of special K deliciousness
the box says you can lose weight by eating it
~but not the way I eat it~
you know, like 3 "serving sizes" at a time...


Just sayin'.

As a Mom of two little ones, I don't always get to sit down and enjoy my cereal in quiet calmness. Sometimes I don't even eat a breakfast when the day starts out in a whirl.
Today, though.
Today I am beating the rush.
At least in this moment, I am.

It will begin soon enough, so without further ado*:

I am holding a bowl full of Thankful in my heart.
3 times the serving size, perhaps?

-Thankful for cold cereal & a warm house in the mornings
-Thankful for a toddler who likes lentils in his macaroni & cheese in the afternoons
-Thankful for a baby whose smiles rock my world all day long

-Thankful for sweet friends with awesome talents (ahem, recent hair cut)
-Thankful for the confidence that comes with service
-Thankful for Locks of Love giving me an opportunity to give & share something of mine

-Thankful for a husband who is just as eager to clean/organize our home as I am
-Thankful for the delicious samples at Sam's club (and the pizza. and the frozen yogurt.)
-Thankful for the little nuggets of guidance that I receive regularly from friends, family, and the Spirit

-Thankful for the feeling of calm, safety, and control
-Thankful for friends to laugh, share, and grow with
-Thankful for the many *things* that make my world more comfortable

-Thankful for Mr. H's safe travels & for cell phones (what did couples do when a spouse had to work far far away--before cell phones & skype!? ack!)
-Thankful for amazing friends who jump up to serve at a moment's notice (and for their car battery charger)
-Thankful for my Daddy who is always willing to impart knowledge & advice

-Thankful for the workable conditions of Baby N's mega-monster blow out this week (though away from home, he was on his belly on a friend's carpet so it all stayed on his back & 1 quick bath later he was all clean again!)
-Thankful that we haven't been pounded with snow this week (sending sun-melting thoughts your way, Boston!)
-Thankful for fun visits with girlfriends & fun chats with girlfriends far away

-Thankful for the quiet hum of the morning
-Thankful for the quiet breath of my babies
-Thankful for the quiet whispers from Mr. H
-Thankful for the quiet peace that comes with prayer to The One


And you? Do you eat cereal in the morning?
Do you have a serving or three of Thanks?

*I love this word, but often wish that it was spelled as it sounds.

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Stephanie said...

Most mornings I have cereal for breakfast. A few days ago, I tried measuring out the serving size. 3/4cup sure just doesn't look like much, so I ended up pouring my usual 2 or so. I also like to beat the rush and eat before George wakes up, so I can sit and eat at the table and read the paper, instead of George crying because I won't stand at the counter with him or share my food with him. Having a calm breakfast helps set the mood for the rest of the day. But even with the days that aren't so calm, I have much to be thankful for.