Toddler Tales: January Tidbits

Brotherly Chatter:

"Whatchyou a-doin', Daydthem? Whatchyou a-doing?"

"What's wong, Daydthem? What's wong?"

"Thereyago, Daydthem" (placing toy on Baby N's tummy)

Table Topics:

"Wan parma-cheese in tha oatmeal"

"Parma-cheese on it, pweese?"

Playtime Mumblings:

"Wan wear hat, beebee?" (placing hat on baby doll) "Too small, beebee...too small..."

"Play trains wiff me?"

"Wan bow ball na door, pweese" (Want to throw the ball at the door, please)

Comments & Conversations:

"Uncle Don, Uncle Don, Uncle Don"
Me: "Uncle Don lives in Alabama"
J: "Oh WOW. That's AMAZING!"

Me: "I'm going to get this sleepy bug* out of your eye, ok?"
J: "Ok, get that lady bug out."


01-20-11: Three successful trips to the potty (during bath time, said he need to go, pulled him out & he went! three times! three times the praise & three times as many chocolate chip reward bites!)

We kept our Christmas tree up until the middle of January to enjoy J's excitement for it every morning. When he would come down stairs & see the tree, he would say (with the same level of excitement as the first time he saw it) "OH! YOOK! Chwistmas Twee!!"

J has a set of mini red plastic ornaments ("ownamits") that have been his to play with during the holidays. We have kept them out, since he still enjoys them and uses his creativity to make new games with them. Originally he would play with them by placing them in and out of different containers. Later, he would pour them from place to place. Most lately he created a new game with the ornaments and a small set of plastic tongs that we received for Christmas.

Ornament-Tong Game 01.14.11
{Rules of the game:
1-Take the new plastic tongs from the kitchen drawer
2-Use the tongs to carefully clip the smallest edge of the top of the mini ornament
3-Once you have a firm grasp (and you can use your belly for stabilization, if needed), hold tightly between the two spoons of the tongs
4-Pull your arm back behind you (hand grasping tightly to ornament in the tongs)
5-Whisk your arm in front of you, releasing the pressure of the tongs...
6-Laugh with joy as you see the little red ornament fly across the room}


*Sleepy bug= eye crust in the morning...what do YOU call them?


Stephanie said...

I just call it sleep, as in "I've got sleep in my eye". Either that or eye boogers.

J.J. said...

I believe "eye goober" is the correct term. I think one of my most disgusting, makes you want to puke mommy moments was when Claire ate hers.

Kendra said...

Very cute. He's growing up so fast! And yes, "eye goober" is what I call them. But yours is cuter.