Thankful Thursday: January 20, 2011

This morning I am tired.
Tired but Thankful.
And since tired usually goes with grumpy (for me, anyway)...some thankful pause will be quite beneficial to my day!
The toddler woke up at 1am requesting water
(we had pizza for dinner, can't blame him for needing some midnight refreshment)
and the baby woke up at 11pm, 1am, 5am...and a few times in between
for good measure.
This week I have discussed the formality of blogs with two of my favorite friends
(cousin J & friend K)
and how we all show the sunny side UP
well, in the interest of keepin' it real...
I now admit to you that I haven't showered in two days.
(which would not have happened if my Wed photo shoot hadn't been re-scheduled, but still)
What? You've never had a week like that?

The great thing is we are all multi-faceted.
We each have our rosy, beautiful moments (that we often share on our blogs)
and we each have our less-than-glamorous days (those days where we do NOT allow photos taken of us & we feel behind in every category of our TO DO lists)
and in between it all are the moments that just float in & out of our lives
unplanned but perfectly wonderful.

And that is what Thankful Thursday is all about.
Recognizing the flutterings of wonderful.

I am thankful:
-for a husband who helps me with the night wakings, feedings, diaperings, and waterings

-for my Mom who lets me chat her ear off when I need to get something out or receive a little praise

-for my dearest friends...many of whom live far away and I don't talk to often enough

-for gurgly, sweetly perfect baby sounds

-for gurgly toddler sounds this very moment, blowing bubbles in his water with a straw

-for the suggestion of lower rent if we sign another year's contract

-for our free stay scheduled in Nauvoo this summer!! (Mr. H builds up points when he travels...)

-for sunshine (come on! melt that ice!)

-for the several times I slid instead of fell on the above-mentioned ICE

-for the massive blow out (nay, explosion!) of baby poo on Sunday afternoon. 5 days built up and it could have happened ANYWHERE...on Mr. H's lap at Church, on my hip while I was holding the babe & conducting a meeting, in the car, on someone else's lap who was graciously calming our child at church...oh man. It wonderfully happened AT HOME and in the boppy seat*. EASIEST spot to clean EVER. Thankful, thankful thankful!!

-for the baby swing. our only comfort at 5am...

-for string cheese: Toddler J's favorite snack and a fast energy boost for Mama

-for a healthy body. oh man. why don't I think about this one more often? What.A.Blessing!

-for the new opportunities I have been given to practice and expand my photography skills

-for the strength & faith of OTHERS. I am uplifted by so many people's example & love


Any floating moments of wonderful in your life this week?

*Special note to the owners of the boppy that we are borrowing. Do not worry, your boppy has been double cleaned & sanitized by the one & only Mr. H--whose standards of cleanliness far exceed those of Mr. Clean himself.


joyj811 said...

I love it! I love you! I didn't shower this morning and I had a really bad night but right now my baby is sleeping and my boys are playing cars (so fun to listen to them). I am thankful for that! I am thankful for a good job that my husband has even though they took back everyone's raise and instated a pay freeze to "help the environment". Yup. But we are still so very grateful to be employed. Thank you for the positive thoughts!

Linda said...

Which Dr. on TV was it who I recently heard that in the winter we should NOT shower every day and when we do, make it warm, NOT HOT, and SHORT, not long, and within 3 minutes put on the moisturizer?

We are just trying to do right by our skin! (unless we are doing big sweaty workouts, then...SHOWER! )

I think we have to be thankful for the dailiness, even mundane-ness of life...the normal schmormal stuff...because really...the other choice is crisis or high adventure, and either one, we can only take so much of...before we wish for the dailiness again. Most of us, anyway.

And dailiness includes messy, sleepless, even a touch of frustration, and moments of outright misery. It also includes sunshine, chuckles, friends and family, and bubbles!

Lord, keep us in the middle, most of the time! And let that be in the palm of Your hand! And let us know how to be grateful for every bit of LIFE we have, RIGHT NOW!

And thank you, Sharita. We all get to ponder on gratitude on Thursdays along with you!

Kendra said...

You are awesome! And thanks for keeping it real (although you can still expect a post from me about the times people don't). I'm thankful for the 1.5 hr nap Owen and I just took. And that I get to see miles in an hour when he comes home for lunch. :)