Thankful Thursday: January 13,2011

My eyes are tired, my throat is scratchy, & my toes are cold
so I'magonna make this snappy.

Let's see...first of all, it is WONDERFUL to be home.

Last week's Thankful Thursday post was *kind of* a lie. That is, everything the post said was happening that day (Thursday) really happened Friday. We planned on leaving, driving, and arriving all on Thursday but because of that special gift that keeps giving...

...the stomach flu...

(insert sighs of disgust)

...we postponed our road trip to Friday...

...which brings me to my Thankfulness today!
I am very very Thankful for:

-a smooth ride home (only the last hour was tense as far as driving goes)

-anti-lock breaks (insert that last hour of snow covered roads)

-ginger snaps, apricots, & nursing stops to keep the back row happy

-the mysterious looking black bag tied onto the top of the Stratus that held all of the new toys we received

-each of the gifts so graciously given

-being able to sleep in on Sunday (1pm church does have one nice perk)

-a clean house (well, when we got home it was clean. not so much right NOW)

-a fun girls night at Book Club (even though I did not read the book)

-a pantry full of random options (I still haven't been to the grocery store since we got's all about creative meal combinations this week)

-everyone who sent Christmas cards (we got a nice stash when our 2 weeks' held mail arrived: FUN!)

-the beginning of a new's fresh with no mistakes in it (yet!)

-the opportunity to grow, change, repent, and move on (because we all make mistakes, even in a new year!)

-my little family who gives me purpose beyond myself

I am going to put some socks on now.

How 'bout you? Cold toes? Scratchy voice? Thankful List?

1 comment:

Emily said...

This has been a great year so far. Things are looking up in great ways. But I agree with you on the cold toes. Socks are an integral part of trying to keep the electric bill down. :)