Toddler Tales: Post Holiday

We are home from our holiday vacation and I've got a pocket full of toddler tales.

While in Kentucky, toddler J added a few new words to his vocabulary:

-biscuit (I guess we've only had "rolls" at home, these were the real deal: made by J's great-grandmother)
-britches (he didn't believe me when I said they are the same as pants when he insisted he "get his britches on" as his grandfather had suggested)
-bubba (the name almost everyone called Mr. H)

While in Tennessee, toddler J added a few new words to his vocabulary:

-pepparkakor (Swedish gingersnap cookies--J's grandfather served his mission in Sweden)
-Nathan's toy (ummm still working on this concept)
-tree house (the same one I played in as a kid, in it's third location (fourth?) and not really in a tree)


One night when Mr. H was getting into bed in our guest room, J (who was already asleep in the pack n' play) let out some gas. In the middle of his sleep, he groggily said out loud: "eckoos me..."

(Yes, I have been teaching Toddler J to say "excuse me" when he has gas, what a reward to know he will even say it in his sleep!)


One evening several of us (including my cousin who is a Navy-tough guy) were learning how to knit hats (using plastic round looms). J walked casually into the room and says in a loud voice: "What's going on in here!?"


On our drive home we sang some songs to pass the time. One of the songs the children sing at Church has the line "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam". It's a favorite for the young kids because the tune is so much fun to sing. Toddler J enthusiastically sang along "Jesus wants me for a SUNBEEP!" I responded with the correct "sunBEAM", and his next attempt turned out: "SunBEAN!"


This morning Toddler J was setting up his NEW train tracks in the kitchen. He decided he needed to go get another toy to join the fun so he explained: "Trains--stay right here, go an' get dinosaur." He walked away and returned with his NEW dinosaur. As he walked back in he said with contentment: "Good job waiting, Trains."


Stephanie said...

Wow, those are some great toddler tales. I especially like how he praised his trains for waiting!

Anonymous said...

cute, cute, cute!

Linda said...

tree house. 3rd location. first was REALLY in a tree ( that the wind mysteriously screwed out of the ground, picked up and laid down, a weeping willow!) And at least its...with a tree, by a tree, and shaded, right?! I loved having the grandboys play in it.

Kendra said...

Adorable! I love that he said excuse me for passing gas in his sleep. Hilarious!