Thankful Thursday: January 6, 2011

Today I am busy busy
hopefully...some sleeping?

We have had a fantastically marvelous holiday vacation--from home to homeland--and now back again. We have enjoyed midnight laughs, new toys, and quality down time. We have spent time with family in their homes and family who traveled far from their homes. We have shared in the celebration of Christ's birth and sang in the New Year with glittery glaze.

We have also all shared gifts from the stomach flu fairy as well...but that story is for another day. Or never. She is one of the reasons why we are going home a day earlier than planned.

Really, though. I feel so blessed.

My family time during the Christmas & New Year holiday provides time for renewal of connection, familial bonding, and memory stamping. Time seems to stand still as we enjoy seemingly endless days of good food and lip smacking snacks.

And I love every minute of it!

I'm thankful for all of it--the snacks, the picture snaps, the late night chats, & the ginger snaps.

I feel exhausted but also soulfully renewed for the New Year.

Which we are already 6 days into.

I haven't had a chance (or, rather, haven't taken the time) to sit down & make some goals and plans for the new year...but I look forward to doing so this weekend.
New Year.
New Plans.
New Thankful Thursdays.

I'm so excited--bring it on!

We are standing at the beginning of 2011;
I am abundantly blessed & feeling thoroughly thankful.

And you?


It's Me - Jen E! said...

Hope your travels home were safe and enjoyable....and that everyone is feeling better!

Linda said...