Thankful Thursday: December 30, 2010

Thankful Thankful Thankful

My heart is full, I bet yours is too?

We have had some very full days of very filling food and very fulfilling family time.
From North to South
We have been so blessed.

Christmas #1 at our house (before Mr. H left for a 3 day business trip)
Christmas #2 at Granny's house (after a winding drive in the snow)
Christmas #3 at Nana's house (a special White Christmas)
Christmas #4 at Grandmama's house (on the schedule for tonight)

Just now my mother suggested I type something like
"I'm Thankful but I'm also really busy..."
As I have my laptop out on the breakfast table--
A little hint perhaps?

I am thankful for:
-awesome cousins to make my son laugh
-amazing parents & parents-in-law to provide such cozy, loving homes for us to spend the holidays
-family that have traveled long & far to enjoy quality time
-safe travels here & there...
-sweet baby talk & gurgles
-gifts that offer gleeful giggles
-festive packages tied up with sparkling ornaments
-Christmas kisses from Mr. H (as we ride in a trailer being pulled by a 4 wheeler in the snow)
-kitty cats that don't scratch my toddler when he picks them up
-the waffles my Daddy just made for breakfast
-Christmas blinking lights
-entertaining youtube videos
-handmade hats (I learned how!)
-cruise control & an awesome heater
-babies who sleep all night
-babies who cuddle quietly
-toddlers who know how to whisper in the wee hours

-whispering the story of Jesus
-the ultimate cuddling, sleeping baby on that Silent Night
-the opportunity to celebrate in love and gratitude, His Light & Love
-the beauty of these holiday days & party nights
-being with family...THE BEST THING EVER

I'm thankful. Full of Thanks.
And I'm about to fill my belly with homemade waffles...
Thank you, Dad.

And you?
Thanks much?

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Linda said...

such much!