Thankful Thursday: December 23, 2010

My back is aching and I'm exhausted from eyebrow to pinkie toe, it's 10pm and I'm trying to wrap up a few loose ends...and I realize: IT IS THURSDAY.

Thankful Thursday, in fact.

And Thankfully, I still have some time to get this post up before it turns into Thankful Friday which...would be fine, really--but then you'd miss the whole alliteration ring, now wouldn't you?

Or wouldn't I?

I do love a nice alliteration.
*nerd alert*

Moving on.

It's been a busy week, hasn't it?
Have you baked & bustled yourself silly?
(there I go again)
I hope you have enjoyed some fun holiday merrymaking...but I also hope you have taken some time to STOP and breathe.

And now is your chance.
It's Thankful Time!

I'm thankful for:
-the plate of cookies (4 different kinds!) that I inhaled yesterday
-the friends whose gift giving brings tears to my eyes
-the many beautiful photos we have on our fridge from friends east & west (and south!)
-the Christmas songs I have been listening to NON-STOP
-hot water: my shower today was the best 10 minutes of my week, it was pure relaxation (I showered other days this week, but this was the first time I did it knowing that I could take my time...Mr. H got home from his business trip!)
-opportunities to see other families interact and love one another...we are all here to inspire & uplift!
-this quote I found in my 2010 planner (as I am switching over to new 2011 pages...what!?) "There is no way to be a perfect mother, but a million ways to be a good one."
-my in-laws & parents who will be hosting my little family (and others!) over the next many days
-twinkling lights in my toddler's eyes as he opened Christmas presents
-mint chocolate chip delight cookies, and people with whom we can share their goodness
-snow flakes.
-red polish on my toenails
-toddler prayers
-baby rolls (both the rolls of chubby goodness & the rolling around that is now my reality)
-your comments :)
-a well-functioning furnace
-conditioner (or as I called it as a kid: "cream rinse")

-the gifts of life, love, peace, hope...oh hope. I do love a good dose of hope.
-God's perfect plan for us--though we are challenged & tested--His truth offers the most pure form of hope there is: hope through Christ the Savior of the world

I'm Thankful.
Wishing you a very Thankful Thursday, a Family & Friend-Filled Friday, & a Wonderful Wintry Weekend!

Merry Christmas, One & All...

Have you wrapped your Thankful Thoughts?


Linda said...

I bagged mine. Is that ok?

I am thankful we went to Bethlehem AND to the grocery store after wards...that sheets are in the dryer...that your dad is doing his best to not drive me nuts..yes I have tons to be thankful for...soon I will see all my children and grandchildren and others too!

Kendra said...

You are a dork...ending it with three aliterations? Silly Shara! ;) But I sure do love you and all of your thankful thoughts you share with us each week. So...thank you. :)