Toddler Tales: Phrases, Movements, & LOL

A few of J's favorite phrases these days:

"It's mine!"

"Mommy whatdya doin'?"

"Wanna-hold 'em Naydthem"

"Yummeeee cookie!"

"I neeeeed dat"

"Ah wanna snack."


A few of J's favorite body movements:

-jumping around on the floor (welping "woo! woo!" while jumping)

-somersaults (learned after Thanksgiving dinner at our friends' house)

-jumping on the bed and bouncing back up again

-running around in circles while we sing songs

-climbing over, around, through...EVERYTHING

-holding on the the top of his playhouse (the "skylight") and throwing his feet through another side window--and just hanging there--

-pushing his body up with both hands on surfaces to his sides (like a chair on each side, using his arm strength to hold himself up & pull his legs up)

-"walk" on his hands while Mama or Daddy hold his feet (the "wheelbarrow" move)

A few recent laugh-out-loud moments with J:

-The other day J stood in front of the recliner where I was sitting. He pulled my legs up to his sides and said "hair truck! hair truck!" We had just been talking about different hair colors so I was trying to figure out what he meant. I asked him to clarify but he said it again, "hair truck! hair truck!" this time, pulling my legs tighter around his waist. It took me a minute but I finally figured it out and asked "oh, do you mean BEAR TRAP*" . He looked at me as if that is what he had been saying all along: "yes. bear trap."

*One of my grandfather's favorite games to play with us as kids (my Grandpa Jackson) was to "catch us" in a "bear trap" with his legs holding us in the trap while he sat in a chair. We loved this game as kids and now it is being enjoyed by the next generation--both Grandmama & Granddaddy have 'caught' Toddler J in bear traps.

-Yesterday we were getting ready for the day in my bedroom and J climbed onto my bed where Baby N was laying. J pulled baby N up onto his lap (supervised by moi), and then said "Wanna feed Naydthem". He proceeded to pull up his shirt and hold Baby N's head close--mimicking what he sees when Baby N is fed by Mama

-J is very eager to help with all of our household chores. He helps me load and unload the laundry, helps Mr. H with vacuuming, and cleans his toys at least twice a day (before nap & before bed). The other day we noticed it was TOO QUIET, but heard soft splashing. If you follow our family blog, you know what we saw. He was "cleaning" the toilet, splashing toilet water all over the bathroom floor! He was so proud of himself.

Spending time with our 2 year old is never dull!

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Linda said...

Thanks for putting things like this down helps to know the things the babies are doing when we aren't able to live close and see them very often! of course we are blessed with many ways to keep in touch aren't we! I don't FEEL that far away!