Thankful Thursday: December 16, 2010

Right now,

Christmas tunes are bouncing around the playroom,
pushing through the rhythmic beats of the dishwasher
(quite possibly the loudest dishwasher in the world)

providing festive sounds to match our backdrop of slowly falling snow.

Right now,
The babe sits contently
swaying here & there
side to side
in the swing we call The Happy Place (because aren't we all happy when baby is happy and Mama has free hands?)
Right now,
The toddler is skimming through a stack of books
providing a commentary full of such words as:
"Oh, niiiice." "One more...ok." "Ok. So." "A nice book!"
and just now
"May have pancake, please?"
(After 'reading' If You Give A Pig a Pancake--a family favorite)

Right now,
Mr. H is navigating his way through reports--
paperwork to prove his out of town visits yesterday
and the day before
actually happened.
(All they really need to do is look at my kitchen & they'll know whether or not my husband was here or away. Just sayin'.)

Right now,
I am cuddling under a blanket
in the coldest room of the house
thinking of all of the reasons I love this time of year...

I am thankful for the snowflakes--the skinny & chunky alike. They add a perfect taste of wintry wonder.
I am thankful for the holiday songs--the reverent & cheesy alike. And I wonder if anyone saw me creating my very own shopping cart choreography in Michael's yesterday.
I am thankful for the line up of season's greetings--the online & hand held alike. Our fridge space runneth over with smiling faces and joyful designs.
I am thankful for friends--the near & distant alike. Yesterday a dear friend invited J to hang out with her boys while I did some shopping: I am so thankful!
I am thankful for winter gear--the parka & pea coat alike. The weather outside is frightful!
I am thankful for my family--my baby boys & brother boys alike. I've got one baby boy in my arms right now...the Happy Place didn't last as long as I had hoped, but I love my snuggle bug!
I am thankful for sparkling lights--the colorful & bright white alike. They enhance the beauty of the decorations and create an especially cozy atmosphere.
I am thankful for Christmas Past--the childhood & young adult alike. The places might have changed, but the energy of love is the same...and I am SO excited to be home for the holidays!
I am thankful for December dates--the parties & cookie exchanges alike. I love an excuse to get dressed up (as in, wearing anything more formal than pjs) and enjoy a social night out.
I am thankful for nativity scenes--the wooden & ceramic alike. They represent the core of all the festive daydreams and decor--they symbolize the truest, most important birth of all time.

"For unto us a child is born..."

I am thankful for Him, the Savior of all the world.

Only 9 days until Christmas.

So, Right now.
What are you thankful for?

1 comment:

Linda said...

my blinky lights,
my huge wreath with old ornaments,
my little tree- JUST RIGHT!
my nativities,
and my Santa's too...
my book club girls
who made me hold it at my house
they KNEW it would do me good
and it did.
( they didn't really MAKE me...)
jingle bells.
my penguin mug.
my honey...
dollar tree..
knowing soon we will all be together..( big smile!)
the ikea candy bar Dad just gave me that he brought home from his desk at work, that he was saving for a special day....
his last day at work this year?