Toddler Tales: Converation Bites

J: "Mama...come watch'is!"
Me: "Just a minute, babe..."
J: "I'm JACKson, Mom."
Me: "Oh yes, that's right. I'm sorry. Ok--Just a minute, Jackson..."

J: "Look, Mom! Dinosaur!"
Me: "What does the dinosaur like to eat?"
J: "Mushrooms!"

Me: "What is your favorite color...what color do you love the most?
J: "Green. And orange. And blue."

J: "Look what I got!"
Me: "ooooh! An alligator. What does the alligator like to eat?
J: "Ummm...snacks!"

Me: "Whatchya doing, Jackson?"
J: "Fixing these."
Me: "Fixing what?"
J: "Fixing these presels."
('Fixing' the pretzels in his snack bowl, one by one, with a small set of tongs)

Figuring out how to beat the system:

While taking a bath, J figured out that the more times he requested to go peepee in the potty, & the more times he actually did it--he would get more chocolate chips. Before his bath was over, he went on the potty SIX TIMES!!

During the nighttime routine, J has added a few extra requests to keep us busy and allow him some extra 'awake' time. These include, but are not limited to, requests for: extra scripture reading, extra blankets, blankets turned to the other side, fan on (it's a heater), fan off, some water, more water again, need to 'go potty', need a particular animal, needs to 'show you somfing', want to 'tell you somfing'...and the most recent and most random, a yell from his bed as we close the door & say goodnight: "UMBRELLA!!"

When it was time to start J on cow's milk, I noticed a change in his diaper output, so I decided not to give it to him anymore. I gave him soy milk for awhile and then ended up sticking with rice milk. He loved it! I have recently tried to introduce him again to cow's milk. The other day I was drinking a glass of cow's milk and he said "wanna bite". I said "ok, you can have a drink of milk". I gave him a sip and he pulled back and said "I don' like it. Has egg in it." He has an egg allergy & so we often say "sorry, you can't have it--it has egg in it." He was using his ALLERGY card to refuse something he didn't like!! (To his credit, though, milk is on his list of allergies, it's mild though and he does fine with common milk products like cheese, yogurt, etc)

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