Thankful Thursday: February 8, 2011

Oh, February!
You're here again...
you flirty gal, you.

I am looking forward to many birthdays celebrated,
(1 brother, 2 sis-in-laws, 1 father-in-law, 1 darling nephew, & several dear friends)
swirled with frosting & sprinkles
maybe even some pinkalicious...

I have a goal to create some Valentine lovelies,
kiss more often,
say more "I love yous"
and enjoy the beautiful snow cape that flows behind your shoulders.

Thank you for adding a bit of cupid-inspired glitz & glam
to a season otherwise tainted by cabin fever.

Confession: I love you, February.

And I have a thing for Thursdays, as well.
Just sayin'.

I'm thankful for:

-the beautiful, bright & fluffy piles of snow that decorate our yard
-the blizzard that was fun for us to enjoy
-the fact that we were safe & kept our power on during said blizzard

-the darlings in my living room
-the one laughing hysterically at the bounciness of his orange balloon
-the one that can't stop smiling at his brother's silliness

-the man I call my Mr.
-for getting up at all hours with the babe so I can catch some Zzzs
-for going out in the 1.9 degree temperature to pick some $ off the tree

-the announcement from my sis-in-law K
-that she is happily growing her belly
-and a baby will join her family in August (gotta love those August babes!)

the coziness of being inside
-warm white socks, hoodies & footie pajamas
-hot cocoa and brownies with homemade frosting on top

-the beauty of instant communication
-catching up with friends and family
-staying in touch during crazy storms

-finished projects & favorite photos
-an updated calendar
-long, hot baths

Oh man. What a sure-fire way to take the grump away.
I needed this.
Thank you.

And Thankful You?

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