Thankful Thursday: February 10, 2011

It's 10:24 am: would you be interested in knowing what the temperature is outside?

And the wind chill?


Can you imagine what it must have been at midnight? 3am? 6am?


I'm seeing on the news that a whole bunch of us are bundled up in the same extra cold snap.
Hope you're cozy at your house.

I will be cuddling close to my little ones today, just because I can.
Winter will pass us by as we play trains & bake chocolate treats...isn't that what it's all about anyway?

I'm Thankful, That's For Sure

Extra, Extra! Read All About It:

  • for the extra insulation that Mr. H added around our not-working fireplace that was otherwise spewing forth negative cold air
  • for the extra sweet friend who picked up Toddler J for an afternoon of fun at her house which allowed me to have the best nap of my life
  • for the extra hours of sleep I enjoyed this morning (to tell you the truth, both babes are still slumbering right now--while this used to be my normal, it has not been so for the past many moons)
  • for the extra surprise pizza that Mr. H brought home last night (my favorite: pineapple & ham!)
  • for the extra special toddler prayer that I was blessed to listen to last night (first after a long time of prayer strike, or something like it, from him)
  • for the extra cozy blankets we have piled up in our house (oh yes, we are blanket-full!)
  • for the extra cuddles we have been given with our sick Baby N (fever lasted 4 days: pitiful)
  • for the extra assurance of sweet prayers and blessings for our sick baby boy
  • for the extra time I have been able to dedicate to my birthday project (aka finishing a class I started a year ago)
  • for the extra umph I receive from personal scripture time
  • for the extra calls/emails/fb messages that lifted me up during a week of being Mama Nurse for Sick Baby Boy
  • for the extra love and peace I feel when I center myself on the truest forms of love

Any Extras* In Your Thursday Thanks?

*After reading it so many times, does the word EXTRA just seem strange to you now, or is it just me?

1 comment:

Linda said...

for the comfort of knowing who is in charge. When things seem out of order.