Thankful Thursday: February 17, 2011

My desk is a mountain of papers--outlines, ideas, To-Do's, opened mail...

My guest bed is a mountain of laundry--cleaned, un-sorted, wrinkled clothes...

My closet is a mountain of chaos--stacks, shoes, un-organized drawers...

My white board is a mountain of notes--dates, names, quickly written reminders...

My dresser is a mountain of projects--birthdays, thank yous, and pink creations...

My toddler is a mountain of energy--loud, creative, jumping feet...

My baby is a mountain of growth--wide-eyed, rolling, chubby legs...

My Mr. is a mountain of Valentine--red tulips, dark chocolate, good morning kisses...

I feel like
I am frantically jumping
from one mountain to the next,
slipping at times,
on a rock or slippery piece of snow.

Do you feel like that... sometimes?

North, South, East, West
Mountains. Mountains. Mountains.

Stacks, piles, goals, plans, ideas, dreams, wishes, wants, needs, responsibilities, emergencies, heartbreaks, resolutions, challenges, defeats...

And then Thankful Thursday enters stage right.
A sun-filled valley appears...
a soft whisper floats through the canyon:

Be Still.
Be Prayerful.
Be Thankful.

For a minute or two,
let's ignore the mountains around us
(not the toddler, baby, & Mr mountains...the other ones)

Here I go!

I'm thankful for:

  • cinnamon roll breakfast in bed (yes, I'm spoiled. No, not on Valentine's day but today!)
  • my very first baking stone...bring on the homemade goodness (just received it this morning)
  • a delicious dinner date with my Mr. last Saturday night
  • a full Sunday of learning, sharing, giving, and skyping
  • a friend who listened to me dissect my dreams over pistachio ice cream (she had black cherry)
  • a friend who understands & forgives when I say the silliest things (foot in mouth, anyone?)
  • a friend who is flexible with me schedule & re-scheduling
  • an entire day of family fun in the city (see the family blog for pics & details)
  • my first paid photog gig
  • little boys in hats
  • a renewed sleeping schedule for the baby
  • Valentine notes in the mail
  • shiny a new flash for my camera...
  • hot baths...I almost fell asleep in the bath tub the other!
  • mint chocolate chip cookies
  • a free play kitchen from our neighbor
  • the Plan of Salvation--families are forever, even when we say goodbye too soon in this life
  • the living, true God. He loves me. He loves you. He loves everyone & His love is the only source of true joy
  • this precious time of Thanks that helps me re-focus my energies... to another mountain!

You? Mountain of Thanks?


Susan Y. said...

I'm thankful for God faithfully answering prayers and keeping His promises, even when I'm unworthy and inconsistent in my walk with Him. I'm thankful for our Bible studies at church; they have been riveting, so helpful, and exciting. I'm thankful for my family, our good health (I praise you, God!), and for each and every time the Lord asks me to serve Him. What an amazing Lord we serve -- One who blesses us by asking us to serve and Who then blesses us again for doing so!

And I'm thankful for you, Shara!

Love you!

Linda said...

YES! and thankyou for reminding me!