Toddler Tales: Did You Know ?

Did You Know That Caterpillars Fly?

After I came into J's room to get him out of his bed, I noticed the clock was turned over. He had already started to explain it before I could say anything: "Clock fell down. Cayapiler didt" (caterpillar did it) I asked "Oh really? How did the caterpillar (stuffed animal) get all the way over there?" He replied confidently: "Cayapiler flew in air."

How To Know for Sure It is Broken?

I noticed a small piece of baseboard had been (knocked? torn? kicked?) off near the kitchen. J noticed it too and walked over to pick up the broken piece. He examined it carefully for about a minute and then said: "Yes. It's broken."

Did You Know What A Dinosaur Sounds Like After Naptime?

After nap time, I was pulling J out of his crib*, and he looked at me and stuck his tongue out, making a loud PPPPPFFFFFHHHHTHHHTHTHHHH sound. I said "wow. What was that?"
He casually answered: "That a dinosaur."

*oh yes. he still sleeps in a crib & has no idea that he is actually capable of climbing out of it...enjoying it while it last, folks...

Did You Know How Much Mom Weighs?

J loves to hop on and off our scale in the bathroom. After I got out of my shower, he lightly tapped my (bare) bum and said "Nice bottom, Mama." I thanked him for his kind compliment and then he insisted I weigh myself after he jumped off the thing. He energetically insisted: "Your turn, Mom!" I stepped on and the numbers magically appeared. He looked at them and said "Oh! 25!" (I only wish the last 2 numbers were 25...)

Did You Know About Daddy's Job?

In the morning, if Daddy doesn't get J out of bed he always asks. "Daddy downstairs?" Typically Mr. H is either gone on work assignment or in his home office (Master bedroom). I said "no, he is at work today." J nodded his head and said: "Oh yes. Daddy work a pooter" (Daddy working on the computer)

Also, when we say prayers we often thank Heavenly Father for "Daddy's job". Now that J is saying more prayers unguided, he is using some of what we typically say, plus his own version. Tonight he thanked for "Daddy's job, and Mama's job, and Jackson's job"--well. Why not? Aren't all of our "jobs" blessings?

Did You Know About The BRAND New Phrases Around Here?

Answering a question: "Yes. I thinks."

Trying to change a no to a yes: "Mom, why not?"

After being told how something works: "Oh. I figured."

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Linda said...

Thankyou for doing all you do to record these little things! it makes being a long distance grandmama...ok! It is kind of crazy how things are so easy for us to keep in touch so casually ...I always am telling you that I used to have to pay 25cents a minute to tell my mom anything...or depend on letter writing, which we also did!

but why does that make it sound like I am from such an older generation. How can that be?