Thankful Thursday: February 24, 2011


35 minutes into today.


my birthday

Feelin' thankful & celebratory, folks.
A fiesty combination, I tell you what.
Let's get to it then!


I am thankful for:

-last Friday night's closet cleaning blitz--I seriously attacked it, and have enjoyed the organized bins and shelves every day since!
-the rainfall that has offered sweet drippity dripping sounds to which I have enjoyed falling asleep and waking up
-my new desk--perfect for my small crafting, writing project, organizing, & computering needs (plus it matches perfectly with our loft furniture: win win)
-mint chocolate chips (I'm pretty sure I've said this one at least twice before, but. well. they are delicioso)
-people that come up with crafty ideas and share them with the world, for free
-reminders of how precious life is
-warm socks
-the days that I get things checked off my list. twice, even.
-Goodwill store finds
-mini Reece's cups from my friend Ms T
-a conversation with my toddler about Jesus
-this country--even with all of the crazy things, America is a blessed, beautiful land
-all of the February birthdays!!
-my Valentine tulips that are showing off their petals in wide open poses
-my very own cuddly monkey (aka Baby N)
-my netbook--diagnosed dead in December, brought back to life this week!!
-friends whose husbands have mad computer skills (also upgrading our 6 yr old PC)
-winding down evenings with my Mr.
-my new ergo (yes. I have two new ergo carriers now. it was a deal I couldn't pass up)
-caring, honest, and uplifting friendships
-the March Ensign Magazine that came yesterday--wow, awesome articles I can't wait to read them all
-angels who fill in when needed
-J's friends who thrill him to no end when we get together
-lazy mornings
-a package from TN, a package from MA, & a drop off of brightly flowered bags
-2 extra large batches of cookies and families to share them with
-the inspiring and delicious (gourmet cupcakes!) women's meeting on Saturday
-toddler prayers
-baby chatter (music to my ears!)
-strong hugs from Mr. H after a long day
-assurance of the opportunity for my very own Happily Ever After...through our Savior Jesus Christ

Last, but not least... I am thankful for My Motha'

You know, she has offered me so much... -carrying me in her belly, -birthing me on that fated Sunday evening, -midnight feedings, early morning wakings, sweet cuddles, -giving me three little brothers & everything it means to carefully & thoughtfully mother 4 children, -teaching me how to tie my shoes, -encouraging me to sing my own song, -guiding me to trust and love, -showing me by example how to find the positive in life's ups & downs...and everything in between. She is why I am here today, celebrating the years and moments.
Happy Birthday To Me. Special Thanks To You.

1:04am now.
What are you thankfully celebrating this week?


It's Me - Jen E! said...

Have a wonderful and very Happy Birthday!!!!!

This week, I am thankful for:
- tasty antibiotics that kids won't fight me on taking.
- puffs plus w/ lotion
- toast
- orange juice
- cuddles with my toddler in the rocking chair as we both try to sleep away a fever.
- the ability to work from home and not use up vacation time. Because honestly, I have a hard time calling "staying at home sick a vacation!"
- the planned indian dinner out this weekend with good friends - assuming I can kick this virus in the next 24 hours....

Miles said...

Happy Birthday!

Kendra said...

I'm thankful that you were born on this day so many, many, many years ago. ;) I'm grateful for your friendship and love and support through so many ups and downs. I'm thankful for your positive attitude and sweet kindness. I thankful for your parenting advice. I'm thankful for YOU!

Linda said...

AWWWWW...thankYOU Shara. I think having your own kids makes you realize what your own mom ( and Mother-in-law, too! ) did when THEY were the young moms. It's wierd isn't it? Because you can't quite grasp that your parents loved you ( or worked as hard for you!) as much as you love or work for and in behalf of your own kids. Know that we did! ( I don't know that dads process this as much as the moms, KWIM.)