Thankful Thursday: March 3, 2011

Good Morning, Thursday travelers!

I hope you are well rested

I slept in the loft-guest bed last night so Mr. H could cough to his throat's content
AND because he planned to wake up at Too Early O'Clock to get started on some reports for work
(his "home office" is in our master bedroom)
So. Selfish or Unselfish, I slept well, all stretched out.

Now, it's Thankful time up in here!

I'm thankful for

-the lingering fun of a birthday (like confetti that is left on the ground--still celebrating, just a little less dramatically)
-the many who took some time to share birthday wishes & give thoughtful gifts (I did not highlight all of them on my blog, every gift given was so appreciated, but I did talk about the package I received yesterday)
-friends--I've been spoiled with kind, caring, thoughtful friends in every place I land (this last week I've enjoyed: a surprise bday party, special babysitting arrangements, a Sunday night ham dinner invite, a girls night evening of food & insightful discussion, a Panera dinner with two hilariously entertaining chicas)
-a $20 bill found in the pocket of pants I haven't worn in years (like, really. YEARS)
-mint hot chocolate (my splurge last night at Panera)
-our very special date night at the temple (first time in too long, Spanish session, even!)
-healthy babies (Mr. H's sis is pregnant, you know. She found out yesterday the gender but is holding into that secret for a little bit longer)
-a toddler who does not (yet) abuse his ability to climb out of his crib
-new toys (in particular: new flash on my camera that lights up the room)
-my amazing & wonderful Mr. H--who carried Baby N around in the ergo carrier all night last night while I ate out with friends and then had a meeting for church
-a fun maternity photo shoot on Tuesday morning (I just love pregnant bellies!)
-my sleeping Baby N (and growing too: 18 lbs!)
-the cleanup guy on trash day--his willingness to wave back rocks Toddler J's world
-a doubled supply of IKEA colorful bowls (we use them for everything!)
-extra special moments of comfort and peace from God who knows & loves me

How about you? Thankful Thoughts Up In There?

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