Thankful Thursday: March 10th

My house is a mess of frosting splatter, powdered sugar dust, & misplaced pearls.

Sprinkle pearls, that is.

We are smack dab in the middle
of a cake decorating frenzy

Baking, cooling, waiting
mixing, beating, molding
curling, stretching, smoothing

One project down
one more to go.

My sweet tooth is taking a vacation
(as in, no more taste testing for this gal)
Or else.

While my sugary intake needs a break,
my soul inside needs one too--a thankful one.

Let's take a little Thursday afternoon break, shall we?

I'm thankful for:

-the huge whiteboard on my wall (I don't know how I would function without it!--dates, times, To Dos galore!)
-the promise of spring (it has to arrive SOONER than LATER, right?)
-freshly bathed toes (mine & theirs...mostly theirs)
-opportunities to create, learn, & share
-friends who call just because
-the mail deliverer who leaves packages on our front porch (thrills J to no end!)
-the loved ones who send carefully wrapped packages :)
-my camera. (I'm taking a class & learning more about the options I have: awesome)
-reminders of goals (ahem. stake conference last weekend)
-moments of spontaneity (stopping to admire "big, big" tractors with my 2 year old is priceless)
-surprises (only the good kind)
-parties & new friends
-making random connections
-the sun that peaks in on us every once & awhile
-the new car that Mr. H will receive for his work assignments (an upgrade from his current work vehicle)
-the old car that humbly and perfectly takes me safely from A to B, saving $ all the way
-an assurance of the Good to come
-the fact I had the basics when I was locked out of my room all day yesterday (my phone, my computer, clothes on)
-Toddler J's potty success (just small steps, but they are steps!)
-Baby N's cuddly personality
-the miracle that the food coloring didn't stray past Mr. J's fingers (that I have found...yet)
-Mr. H's hard work & dedication to providing for our family
-Mr. H's need for clean
-my beautiful family
-the prayers our parents send up on behalf of us
-our loving Father in Heaven who answers prayers...always.

Need a break?
How 'bout some Thanks?

1 comment:

Linda said...

where did that week go? wow.
sooooooooooo what kind of car??? you might get a little spoiled with this company car business! enjoy!