Thankful Thursday: March 17, 2011

Top O' The Mornin' To Ya

It's Thursday.
And St. Patrick's Day.

I am sporting green eyes.
J is giddily wearing Thomas the Train big boy undies with a green stripe.
Mr. H doesn't think he has to play the game anymore.


When he least expects it, I'll be there with my pinchers.
I guess I should put on more official green as well...

In the meantime, my oatmeal is awaitin' so let's get onto this Thanks sharing!

I'm thankful for:

-new opportunities to learn/expand/enjoy/share photography (7 shoots scheduled in a 4 week block)
-my extra supportive Mr. H (who manned the potty training station last night while I was out)
-Baby N's willingness to let me snap away, documenting his 7th month mark (!!)
-Toddler J's excitement about big boy undies
-my friend who thoughtfully gave me her ticket to attend a workshop with coupon queen Jill Cataldo (it.was.awesome!)
-google. All you have to do is type in a few words and you can diagnose any ailment!
-my sis-in-law & nephew on the upswing after a miserable pneumonia weekend(getting better just in time for his very 1st bday!!)
-the first open window afternoon of pre-spring (yesterday!)
-quiet mornings at my house
-incredible, inspiring women in my life
-afternoon walks that become "adventures" through Toddler J's eyes
-falling in love in new ways
-clean dishes, clean water, hot water, hot showers
-an email from my friend Tomo, letting me know that she & her family are ok in Tokyo
-Baby N's current sleep schedule (still snoozin')
-new socks for everyone
-fluffy blankets to cuddle my boys

-and much, MUCH more.

Are you feeling lucky?

What are you thankful for today?

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