Thankful Thursday: March 31, 2011

Oh, March
How did you get the energy to run so fast?
Don't you know I'm still "trying to find" my 2011 groove?

You sprinted
Fast & Furious
No looking back...madness, I tell you!
March Madness

I jumped from day to day--filled with photo clicking fun, cake decorating deliciousness, toddler potty training, busy baby crawling, intense basketball games (go BYU! go UK!), a quick spring preview, Primary projects, and our trip South...this month has SERIOUSLY flown faster than a speeding bullet.

And here we are, staring into the beginning buds of April.

Don't get me wrong.
I love me some spring,
and hopefully that's what Miss April is all about this year: SPRINGING.

I know a few things that April brings that fill my running March heart with Thanks...

  • April Fool's Day--I am not one for crazy, heart-pounding pranks...but a little joke or two on April Fool's day is awesome (the jokes on us in the midwest north/northeast--forecast says SNOW SHOWERS!) I'm thankful for laughter

  • Mr. H's birthday. He has requested we skip it. I think it calls for a nice big cake! What do you think? I'm thankful for my sweetheart--born this month so very long ago...kidding! (April Fools, remember?)

  • Our Church's 181st General Conference. This is what it is. This is what goes into planning it. This & this explain why this weekend is so important to me. This has some great ideas for keeping kids entertained during the sessions. This is where we'll be watching it from. This is where I'll go afterwards to re-watch & read. This is how many languages into which the event is translated. This is the idea I am copying for our family time watching the Conference. It's a big deal. I'm excited about hearing from the leaders of our Church--to learn more about Christ, be filled with hope, and receive answers to concerns on my heart. I'm so thankful for a prophet today and the opportunity to put *everything else* on hold this weekend and listen to Heavenly Father's messages for us.

  • And there's this month's book club...I'm not hosting it at my house this month but we ARE reading MY book suggestion for the year. One of my favorite authors: C.S. Lewis...and one of my favorite quick reads of his: Screwtape Letters. If you've never read it, check it out. I am thankful for good books that inspire me.

  • We're looking at things to do in the Windy City this month and behold! There is an event calling our names...A BACON FEST. Are you kidding me? We are so there. I'm thankful to live close to a fun city with fests such as this...we are so excited to enjoy a family fun day!

  • There are two couples VERY dear to me celebrating their wedding anniversaries this hitting their 8 year mark and the other reaching 32 years! Yay for April weddings & anniversaries! Happy Anniversary month, you guys...I'm thankful for all four of you and your awesome examples of the work of love & marriage.

  • I've got several favorite birthdays this month...the above-mentioned Mr. H, of course...but also a dear cousin, a mission companion, a BYU roommate, and a Murray, KY buddy. I love each of these women so much...oh birthdays! So.Much.FUN. If I could, I'd bake cupcakes & deliver them personally to each one. I'm thankful for each of these girls' influence on my life.

  • I've got a baby shower cake (cupcakes?) to bake this month and a few photo shoots scheduled as well. I couldn't do it without the support of my darling family (mostly Mr. H, although J does love it when I'm cake baking...) I'm thankful for the opportunities to expand and grow my creative goals.

  • Last but not least...April is a special month because we get to take time to celebrate and ponder Easter. We get to share in the celebration of the gift of repentance and cleansing power of the Atonement of Christ. We get to renew our commitment to Him as we recognize the gift of resurrection and spiritual re-birth that we can experience as we change and improve daily. Here is an inspiring message about Easter. This Easter is a big deal for our family, since J can understand some of the concepts for the first time. He is familiar with Jesus and Heavenly Father. He says heartfelt prayers and sings sweet hymns. I am excited to teach him about the beauty of that first Easter morning. I am thinking of doing something like this that my friend did for her children. I am thankful for Jesus Christ's sacrifice for me--for all of us. He Lives!

How was March for you? Madness?

How's your April looking so far...
finding any events of Thanks lingering near?

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It's Me - Jen E! said...

I have some fun things to look forward to in April:
- my first ever business trip (I will miss the kids and hubby - but excited for a new adventure)
- two days after returning from the business trip, Dan and I pack the kids in the car for a fun weekend getaway to Niagara Falls. The weekend coincides with our "first date" anniversary - 18 looong years ago!!! Wow.
- Easter! I love filling baskets with little goodies for the kids, easter egg hunts (with plastic eggs - just in case we don't find one right away....stinky!),and the opportunity to have our family together at our house to celebrate this joyous occassion.
- My Dad's birthday!
- A week of school break. Which means a week of easy-peasy mornings for moi!
- The possibility of warmer temps, starting our vegetable garden and waiting for the tulips to pop!
- And just maybe April is the month that brings us successful potty training for the little man.....