Thankful Thursday: April 7, 2011

Last week we said goodbye to March and hello to April

I don't know about you, but so far...
April has not proven anything less than I hoped she'd be.

Except all those crazy-mile-per-hour winds.
What's up with that?

We are one week into April & I'm feelin' the gratitude, folks.

Let's spread some thanks on our morning toast, shall we?

I'm Thankful For:

  • inspiring stories of hope, love, determination, patience, and success
  • those first moments of a new friendship, discovering commonalities in personality and style
  • fresh-out-of-the-oven cinnamon rolls (mmmMmmm)
  • reminders of what IS and IS NOT in my realm of control (although this is also a not-so-fun part of life)
  • an awesome weekend of uplifting and encouraging messages: General Conference
  • successful surprises for Mr. H's birthday
  • toddler voice "Happy Birthday" songs sung all weekend long
  • skype--truly a blessing in our lives as we do not live near ANY of our family
  • Mr. H's safe travels--you know, he drives around a lot. I'm thankful for his safety!
  • Baby N's eager interest in solid foods (banana!)
  • Toddler J's eager interest in big boy undies (yay!)
  • hot showers
  • reasons to go the extra mile
  • evening family walks & toddler tricycle time before sunset
  • a good deal
  • surprises!
  • the sense of accomplishment after finishing a project
  • my ergo carrier (could not feel that "accomplished" if I couldn't work on projects...and my baby
  • watermelon print socks
  • the cashier who doesn't bat an eye at my screaming 7 month old
  • Toddler J's sense of adventure in EVERY EXPERIENCE
  • Mr. H's morning goodbye kisses
  • good books that make you think
  • crockpot recipes
  • rainstorms
  • the phases & seasons of life
  • blessings. too many to count.
  • the redeeming love of Christ, our Savior

My toast is slathered with creamy Thanks--yours?

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