And it's only 6:09pm

  • a broken lamp
  • outgoing mail ripped up & thrown in the trash (one was a bill, one was a letter to Elder Tyler)
  • scissors used to cut open yogurt while standing on cabinet
  • lipstick samples slathered on lips (two!!) at The Body Shop
  • "stop it! Stop it! STOP IT!" yelled from one side of sidewalk to other
  • soap dispensers stuck up nose at Bath & Body Works (to smell, of course)
  • restroom door opened in IKEA while Mom is sitting down (pants down, of course)
  • lunch yogurt *SPLAT* on floor (after pains were taken to balance lunch items & push stroller to lunch spot)
  • wine glass waved around & placed back on shelf...tinkling at every attempted placement
  • vertical display of carpets...climbed upon
  • car snacks spilled across BOTH sides of backseat
All in a days work*
for Toddler J

Also this is day 4 of the Mr. being out of town, so I was already running on low oil today.
I'm going to eat a bag of chocolate chips now.

*Truthfully, today's events are OUT of the ordinary, even for Toddler J.


Linda said...

Seriously Shara! I didn't attempt going out to multiple stores with 2-3 babies at a time. You are much more brave than I. ( And have more shopping available, as well!)

Wow. yeah. There are those days, EVEN IF YOU JUST STAYED HOME!

I know it isn't really funny. So I am not really laughing. Really. I am NOT laughing! Love you!

The most frustrating one there to me is the torn up mail. What's up with THAT?

Linda said...

And I think when he is 3, he won't be a toddler anymore...will it be
Little Boy J? He is SO past toddling! running, jumping, climbing, and other assorted feats of physicality.

Amy and the boys said...

Oh MAN. I HATE those kinds of days. I just put them to bed early and dig into some chocolate or Ben & Jerry's. Except for the next 7 weeks.:D What's your chocolate of choice? I love Ghiradelli milk chocolate or Lindt milk chocolate bars. Ok, gotta stop talking about chocolate!!

It's Me - Jen E! said...

While at the Italian Market today, Will helped himself to the olive bar. I was waiting for them to ask me for his pre-store visit weight and then weigh him post olive bar visit!