Toddler Tales: May Days

This morning J ran into my room with excitement. The lawnmowers are out full force, he loves to watch them buzz around outside our home--often waving and chatting with them. He asked me this morning: "Can I ride a lawnmower outside with my guys?"

'His guys' = the lawncare team

Last night I reminded J that Baby N cannot eat the same food that he gets to eat. We were talking in particular about grapes and I said "he doesn't have any teeth yet, so he can't eat grapes".

He promptly replied: "We should go to Sam's to get Natham some teeth."

'Sam's' = Sam's Club Store

A couple of Sunday nights ago, J was reading books with Daddy in the recliner. All of the sudden, he remembered something. Something he had forgotten. He got very excited and with big, animated eyes, said: "I DURGOT IT! I DURGOT IT!!"

What? What did you forget??


It's true. The balloon had come home from church with us but I didn't recall seeing it around all evening. Where could it be? I looked around & couldn't find it. J was still so amazed that he forgot it and then all of the sudden, he yelled: "I KNOW WHERE IT IS!"


"It is in my closet!!"

I highly doubted that. Why would it be in the closet and would it really have been hiding up there all day long? I agreed to check while he continued to share enthusiastically with Trevor--"I know where it is! My balloon!!"

Sure enough. "At the top", just as he remembered.

He was so excited to have the balloon back...after forgetting, remembering, and racking his brain to remember where it was. It was entertaining to watch him work through the process, and share with us in his animated voice and facial expressions.


The other day I was preparing a meal for another family in our ward who just had a baby. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed as I had two pans going on the stove, another dish in the oven, a screaming baby, and a frustrated toddler. Getting it all finished, packaged, and the boys loaded up felt very--crazy--.

I took a deep breath as we drove out of our neighborhood and then J said "Mommy?"

I said "Yes?"

J: "I love you."
Me: "I love you too, baby."

J: "You're da best!"


Just what I needed in that moment. Those words (however rehearsed by the electronic stuffed animal puppy dog they might have been) were exactly what I needed to hear. The rest of my evening seemed to go much better.

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Linda said...

See! this is one of the ways you work to keep the distance feeling small. Daily ( weekly) ways to help us know our grandboys! Thanks!

So Jackson has a dog that says 'you da best!'? good puppy!

I think he is putting so much together these days! ( and that is why I love Sunbeams...even though he isn't quite a Sunbeam. It's miraculous- the brain and heart of a child! He is blessed to have a mom who is doing things for others even when it is a struggle. Charity never faileth!