Thankful Thursday: May 5, 2011

"Today is Thursday
Today is Thursday

Today is Thursday...all day long."

That's the song I sung to my toddler this morning. Not that I needed to tell him, it's quite obvious what day it is: the lawn care team are buzzing and cutting all around our house= Thursday!

Thursday morning with weed eaters a-eatin' outside,
I'm eating strawberry-topped cereal inside...

What are you eating this morning?

Any Thankful munchies on your mind?

I'm thankful for:

-forgiving friends

-fun surprises

-gentle reminders

-profound quotes

-truth that inspires

-hope of eternity

-the quiet in the morning

-toddler giggles

-homemade sugar cookies

-babies in bathtubs

-cuddle time

-cozy socks


-the best husband EVER

-fun photo shoots

-big windows that brighten our home

-dear ones who share my secrets

-safe travels for Mr. H

-our 35 mpg car (215,000 miles strong)

-fun dreams (dreamt we were moving into my childhood home)

-unexpected phonecalls

-weddings!! (Congratulations, cousin Pegg!)

-babies!! (Congratulations, Debbie!)

-MOTHERS. Especially my own & my grandmothers.

Where would we be without them?

Would you like to share burrito full of Thanks this morning?

As in...CINCO DE MAYO...enjoy!

1 comment:

Linda said...

ooh, ooh! Cinco de Mayo! Wonder if I need to get something cooking up!? yes I do.

I am thankful we got to go see the Young Ambassadors in Nashville. Spectacular of course. Thanks to Wendy Truman who I think spearheaded it?

And that Hillsboro High School is directly across from Cheesecake Factory .

Sad that Spencer was sick and didn't go.

Thankful this week for all my kids that gave me experience as a mother! They were and are amazing!

And also thankful to my mom, mother-in-law and grandma's, and other mother figures who taught by word and deed. how lucky I have been!