Monday Morning Quote: Take Time

"We live in a world that is filled with options.
If we are not careful, we will find every minute jammed with social events, classes, exercise time, book clubs, scrapbooking, Church callings, music, sports, the Internet, and our favorite TV shows. One mother told me of a time that her children had 29 scheduled commitments every week: music lessons, scouts, dance, Little League, day camps, soccer, art, and so forth. She felt like a taxi driver. Finally, she called a family meeting and announced, 'Something has to go; we have no time to ourselves and no time for each other.'

Families need unstructured time
when relationships can deepen and real parenting can take place.

Take time to listen, to laugh, and to play together."

~M. Russell Ballard


Miles said...

I love this! Dustin and I decided VERY early on that we were NOT going to be a program family running five different directions to drop kids off and pick up again. No way! If we can't do it as a family, then it's out. I don't understand why kids FORCE their kids to play soccer, or take dance classes and stuff like that when the kid has no desire at all. I think families feel that they HAVE to do these things to be normal.

Linda said...

That made me tired just reading it.
There are alot of good things out there to do. Is balance possible?
I hope so!

I hope every kid has time to lay outside on a quilt and read a book, or climb trees and catch baby frogs and fireflies! Or stare at clouds and figure out what shapes are up there, and play in a creek and watch tadpoles darting around their legs.