Thankful Thursday: April 28, 2011

Why, Miss April...!

You came to join the Springtime Party
but Sun-wrapped gifts you did not bestow

What kind of April fools do you think we be?


Snow? Sleet? Hail? Tornadoes?
Winds? Rains? Seriously cold temps?

I'm not sure if I would call your party gifts


more like


And today

While sweet Southern towns are waking up to destruction & disaster,
I am saying a little prayer for comfort, peace, and renewal of Spring.

That friends & family will be found, embraced, and loved
And a deep sense of gratitude will be shared between neighbors.

I am grateful that our families and friends survived the wild weather
& that there are those already devoting hours and sweat to the clean-up, fix-up effort.

I am grateful that my Anniversary-vacationing parents were not driving in the mess

I am grateful for the bright blooms that are peaking out from the fog...
May flowers, perhaps?

I am grateful for my two fair-faced darlings,
that remind me that I'm enjoying one of the most beautiful SPRINGs that life can offer

I am grateful for the promise of healing & love from our Savior.

May you all be safe & dry today,
finding ways to count your blessings.

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