Thankful Thursday: April 21, 2011

The sun is shining!
The sun is shining!

It has been awhile...I had forgotten the energy that a sky full of light can offer...

Fantastic, I tell ya.

I think I might bottle some for later.
I will be needing some light-fueled motivation, I'm sure.

Toddler J is pulling on my sleeve and Baby N is sending me a special request.

So I'm going to make this snappy.

Snappy Thanks?

How about Overflowing.

That's how I feel this morning.

I'm thankful for:

  • Easter eggs--not only do they provide hours of creative entertainment for the little ones, they are a colorful reminder of Spring and the promise of new life & resurrection
  • Sweet friends that call, stop by, respond quickly, and give hugs
  • Maple syrup. The real stuff.
  • The landscaping team that took a minute this morning to smile & wave at my over-the-moon with excitement almost-3 year old
  • Mr. H's thoughtful morning greetings
  • vacuum cleaners & dishwashers (yesterday emptied a mostly-full dishwasher mistaking Mr. H's rinsing with an actual cleaned load)
  • The magic of star stickers (potty training chart is almost full!)
  • People in the world who take their responsibilities seriously
  • Fluffy pillows
  • Family. Every one of them.
  • A beautiful bride & groom...32 years ago TODAY (Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad!)
  • Winter clothes not yet put away (oh yes, we've needed them)
  • A first date 9 years ago this month (winking at you, Mr. H)
  • Baby giggles & squeals
  • Toddler laughter & creativity
  • Surprise packages

  • Easter week in all of it's beauty and meaning. I could (should?) make an entire post about this. He was born. He grew. He taught. He healed. He forgave. He gave. He offered. He sacrificed. He hurt. He loved. He died. He rose again. HE LIVES & He is our Savior & King. And we are all beneficiaries.
Feeling overwhelmingly blessed.

And to the rest of my day
with a full heart.

Any snappy thanks today?

1 comment:

Linda said...

I am thankful that your Dad listened to me and stopped in Augusta at a hotel instead of going on to Atlanta area into all that devastation, that we then saw the next day.

Both towns we went into had tornado damage...they were just random places to us where we were going off interstate. It is shocking.