Thankful Saturday

So, my Thankful Followers...

It's Saturday
not Thursday
(two days off)

And this week
last week

Plenty O' Thanks

I'm a couple of days late, a few inches short,
& sitting exhausted at the end of my To Do list.

Not that I've done it all.
But we've done lots. And I'm tired, so I'm sitting.
You would too.

But I look up at that To Do list and I'm grateful
that it's at least 4 sizes smaller than it was
two weeks ago!

So I only have a few minutes
between this thing & that...

I've got more thanks than this blog can hold--here's a few:

-I'm thankful for my very patient, very hard working, very amazing Mr. H
(who unpacked, scrubbed, de-cluttered, & organized to the wee hours many mornings over the last two weeks)

-I'm thankful for very awesome, very thoughtful, very dear friends in Illinois
(who watched my boys, brought dinners, and let us stay with them when there were no beds in our house!)

-I'm thankful for very charming, very energetic, very flexible children
(who have braved this move with humor and reminded us of the importance of the littlest things)

-I'm thankful for cell phones, internet, and AIR CONDITIONING
(heat wave, anyone?)

-I'm thankful for a company move
(they come, they pack, they load, they transport, they unload: aweSOME)

-I'm thankful for the Church that is the same here, there & everywhere
(and people who jumped in as soon as we landed to offer meals, babysitting, & help!)

-I'm thankful for the absolutely blessed year we enjoyed in Illinois
(the cornfields, the wide windowed townhouse, the Big City, the small towns, the snow storms, the summer sun, the friends who we will always call dear)

-I'm thankful for the amazing adventures ahead in Minnesota
(the green trees, the fenced in yard, the Big Cities, the suburbs, the snow storms ahead, and new friends we'll make along the way)

-I'm thankful for hot showers & cold refrigerators

-I'm thankful for baby gates, soft blankets, & my cookbooks (just found the box!)

-I'm thankful for a loving God who knows our needs and wishes...seems like He nods His head and smiles from above with every life change--

"You can do this, these adventures are made just for you"

I'm thankful.

That's all I have time for, folks--
what about you? A few minutes for Thanks on a Saturday?

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