Thankful Thursday: August 4, 2011

Fresh dew glistens on the table top,
fluffy clouds wave salut as they make their commute

A plane or two (or three!) passes overhead,
the joggers rhythm beats the path below

One busy, bouncy boy wakes the morning clock
new freckles bounce around his face so cute

The other darling's still cuddled in his bed
we keep our giggles soft & low

"Good Morning! I sleep good!"

It's Thursday and it's going to be a good one.

J did sleep good, but I can't say as much for the little one--
perhaps a late morning will make up for it.
I can't say much, though, I wasn't the one rocking him in the middle of the night...

onto our thankful thoughts, shall we?

I'm thankful for:

-homemade waffles (for dinner, or breakfast...or lunch)

-new chairs for the boys to fit perfectly tucked up to the island

-lazy mornings

-safe flights, new adventures, & cell phones (Mr. H is very busy & very far away)

-blowing bubbles in the morning

-homemade ice cream (and frozen yogurt!)

-Swedish meatballs (and free kids lunch: IKEA)

-giggle time with my two favorite boys

-comfortable shoes

-a quiet dishwasher

-clean clothes (oh but I must fold!)

-my Mom who is enjoying this week vicariously through my Dad

-my Dad (aka Granddaddy) who has taken over morning duties, late night rockings (oops, I didn't hear!), and outside entertainment

-fluffy pillows (heartburn has begun)

-my new library card

-cooler temperatures (but not so nice as Mr. H is enjoying)

-personal, real communication with Diety

I'm thankful, and it's August 4th --
(where did July hide?)

What's on your Thankful List today?

1 comment:

Kendra said...

What a good Daddy you have to get up and rock the babe for you. :) Do kids always eat free at Ikea? What can they get?