Late By 12 minutes...Friday's post

It's 12:12am

*gasp* has been a busy, beautiful, 
wonderfully fulfilling week--

We're talking:

-garage organization
-sleeping in
-hair cuts
-list making
-thankful thoughts & sharing
-TURKEY!! and the rest
-family fun
-not many photos taken
-Christmas shopping (NOT black Friday shopping)
-a COMPLETE room re-do (love!) including our first purchased couch 
-meeting the doulas who will assist in the birth of our daughter
-a 1 hour prenatal massage
-37 1/2 week OB appointment + hospital tour (water birth, anyone?)
-brownie-strawberry-banana trifle
-holiday decorating


It's been amazing to have the Mr. home 
for an entire week.

I have loved every second. 

Will miss him next week but looking forward to several weeks of him being HERE when baby girl arrives!

How's your week been??


JosephJ said...

That sounds so great. I would have loved a good English trifle, but as it's Thanksgiving, pie is the dessert of the day. Actually, I didn't eat any pie on Thursday, because my stomach was too full of the other goodness (I filled in the gaps with a couple servings of NogNog). But Friday-- oh, the Friday! For lunch I started with blueberry pie, and a bit of apple pie. Then late afternoon a bit of the fluffy jello salad, date pie, chocolate pie, pumpkin pie, then a bit of pecan pie. Yum! By dinner time, I was ready for real food (having only eaten desserts since breakfast).

Jen's Grammy turned Thanksgiving dinner into a Turkey Pot Pie, which was delectable. That held me over until I needed a bit of pumpkin roll. All guilt-free, because the scales here in Maine run a few pounds light!!!

Sharalea said...

I am not really a PIE person and neither is Trevor...the trifle was a fun change up to bring to our friend's dinner and made us not-so-eager-about-pie-people very happy :)

Your turkey pot pie sounds AWESOME. ThAT kind of pie I do love...:)

Kendra said...

You know you could have changed the post date time, right? But then I suppose that wouldn't have been honest... ;)

Linda said...

I am glad you had a great week with the T! and the T! and the T!
( Turkey, Thanksgiving, Trevor, not in that order!)