Names Have Power

"Words have meaning and names have power" 
~Author Unknown

Here we sit...38 weeks along in this pregnancy-- 2 weeks away from the date 12/13/11 that has been burned in our minds...sweet baby girl's 'due date'.

For the record, our first baby was born at 39 weeks (1 week 'early') and our second was born at 41 weeks (1 week 'late'). So...we're hoping (praying!) for the 40 week average for our third little one. 

At any rate, we're close. Closer than we've ever been to becoming a family of 5 and meeting our precious little one. It seems so surreal, all of it. This pregnancy has been distracted by many things--none the least of which include: a busy house of boys, a big move, and a huge routine switch-up (Dad's travel schedule). I can honestly say I feel like I've only been pregnant for a few months...wild!

And as wild as it is...we're definitely in the home stretch...of which I was acutely reminded yesterday when I experienced some gentle "practice contractions" while wrapping Christmas gifts.

As we get close to game time...
that means NAME time!

I love a sentimental background behind a name.

J, of course, has my maiden name and also his middle name is after his father's middle name...which is from Mr. H's grandfather's first name.

N's name comes from the Bible, & his middle name comes from his Uncle Spud's name (my youngest brother)

And now we've switched gears to GIRL NAMES.

It's true, Mr. H has had a set of perfectly fancy girl names that he has loved over the years--one in particular that he was sure he would someday use...except...
it is a name that I really don't like.

So we started with names we've discussed before,
but the one that kept coming back up to the surface was the name that came to me the day we found out we were having a girl.

A combination of two names, really.

I never met my paternal great-grandmother, 
but I have always admired the stories about her hard work ethic and spiritual strength. And I really like her first name.


I like it but I felt like it needed something else. 
Something extra on the end. I flirted with a few options until I thought of my own middle name 
and it clicked perfectly in my heart.


Ada + Lea = Adalea
(Ada has a long 'a' sound like acorn; Lea is pronounced "lee")

She may like to be called "Ada" or "Lea" or "Addie" or "Adale" (like Adele) or ? I like it just the way it is. Adalea. 

Also...hiding in the middle of her name is the name "Dale" (take off the first & last A). My maternal grandmother's middle name is Dale, and Mr. H's Dad's middle name is Dale. 
I thought that was a special familial connection as well.

Around the house, that's what we have been calling her for awhile now. Hearing J's little voice talking about "Adalea" is just the sweetest thing EVER. Mr. H doesn't *love* the name as much as I do but he is willing. I absolutely love it--I think it is strong, but flows with a graceful energy.

We are not 100% on her middle name, yet...
...but for today...we are really liking 

Adalea Noelle.

She will be our Christmas baby, after all.


Lisa Cook said...

Oh, I love Adalea Noelle!!! And I love all the meaning behind it. So happy you found it and I can't wait to see her!

It's Me - Jen E! said...

ok - since I can't pick up on the pronunciation or syllable emphasis in the writing...is it a soft A (as in Adele) or a long A (like Ava)?

Either way, it's a beautiful name and I love names with tradition...

Arianna Lynn - italian name (my Italian roots)that just sounded beautiful. Lynn is my middle name, my Mom's middle name, my mother in law's first name and Dan's grandfather's first name.

Jared Daniel - A good biblical first name. Daniel, of course from Dan.

William John - William is Papa's (your Uncle Robert's) first name (William Robert Call) and John is my father in law's first name.

I think we definitely covered both sides of the family!

Sharalea said...

Thank you, Lisa!!

Jen E-- I love all of your names & their beautiful meanings!!

Her name will have a long A like Ava
...poor thing, she'll have to pronounce it to everyone who reads it ...:) I've had to do the same thing, so, I guess I don't feel like it's too bad. lol

Miles said...

Love, love, LOVE It. Simply beautiful. Oh, I can't wait to see the face of sweet Adalea! I love the Dale in it, too. We have a couple Dales including Cam's middle name!

Emily said...

So beautiful! So happy you shared it with us!

Meghan said...

I love it! I think I have already told you this, but McKenzie's youngest is is Adaleigh... Leigh is McKenzie's middle name. I love the name and I love the sentimental reasoning behind it. Noelle is gorgeous too. :)

By the way... I love the way your write... You do it so beautifully.

Kendra said...

So beautiful. And I love Noelle. Perfect for Christmas!

LeeAnn said...

Oh, Shara, I love the name you have picked out for your baby girl. And I especially love all the connections the name has to your ancestors and her ancestors.

May everything go well these next few weeks for you and the baby.

Kristin said...

Beautiful name--love it! And we can't wait to meet her!