Just as...

Just as N seems to be feeling better (he's had a rough run for the last few days--runny nose, unhappy disposition, etc--teething related, I believe)...J starts coughing and my throat starts to throb.

Just as we get to the car after going to three different stops--post office, Dollar Tree, & Target--yesterday afternoon...I realize my baby has no socks on (where, oh where did he pull them off?).

Just as I snuggle back into my warm sheets and piles o' pillows after an early morning potty break...I hear cries of fear downstairs (J had a bad dream, spent the last couple of hours rocking/trying to sleep beside him).

Just as I feel like I've got things figured out as a Mom of a 3 year old...the emotion dial is turned up a notch (or two) and I'm left trying figuring out new negotiations and ways to work through the daily roller coaster.

Just as I get on the phone with Mr. phone battery dies.

Just as I think "we've got plenty of time"...I experience a nice little wave of contractions (no worries, just a few hours and they've stopped)

Just as 

Just as I walk away from the kitchen to finish my last NaBloPoMo post, I hear from the kitchen: "Moooooo-ooooooom! I spilled my hot choooooooclaaaaaaate" 

Just as I think "I'm so glad tomorrow is the last day for NaBloPoMo"--I realize--TODAY is the last day, tomorrow will be Thankful Thursday and then I can take a nice little blogging break!

Just as I think "I can take a nice little blogging break"...I realize how behind I am for the November posts on the family blog (what we've been up to, monthly stats for boys, pregnancy update, maternity shoot pics...)

Just as I pause to make my To Do list for the rest of the quiet, only-one-kid-awake part of my morning...I hear the little one crying in his crib...

The lesson here?
Make plans, have hopes & enjoy expectations.

BUT buckle up.

Just as you do...something is likely to change.

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Linda said...

there are definitely bumps and potholes in the road of daily life.

i hope you have a great day...ANYWAY!