Thankful Thursday: December 1, 2011

I woke up to little whispers

"Mama...come see the snow outside!"

I had no idea we were expecting any kind of precipitation, what a fun surprise for the first day of December! It's not much, maybe 1/2 inch and already melted off the roads. 
The high today is 31, and it "feels like" 20 right now..., it's cold outside!

Welcome, December.
I've got some thanks to start you off 
on the right foot (or snow shoe?)

I'm Thankful For:

-pink fuzzy slippers

-the awesome feeling of finishing a project

-great friends to help with key components of projects

-a new couch! a new room!

-words of affirmation

-teaching moments with my children

-slobbery kisses from N

-big hugs from J

-the Mr. getting home tonight (his last *out of state* trip for the rest of 2011--wooHOO!)

-hot chocolate

-my awesome Dad (happy Birthday week!!)

-38 week pregnancy & going strong

-hot showers

-post-it notes

-this awesome talk that I was able to study & share/discuss on Sunday

-friends that ask how I'm doing

-a phone date with one of my favorites

-marking things off my list

-low key mornings with my boys

-answered prayers

What about you? 
Cold morning in your neck of the woods?

Try out some thankful thoughts...they'll warm you right up!

1 comment: said...

Hi Shara, how are you doing? ;)
I'm anxiously awaiting your baby news. I hope your delivery goes as you want it. I'm especially curious to hear about the transition from 2 to 3! Good luck!